I am sitting alone beside the window..
Wana let all the things and problems flow..
I wished nothing else..just wana be with u!
But my luck guided me someother way..and now..I am apart from you!
Today I am missing you like hell!
Waiting foe dat day..when finally you understands me well!
Those cute talks and moments are missing!
Like on my cheeks..tears love kissing!
I am tired today..and wana die</3
Is that so..or there would be more hope in seeing that blue sky!
I would prepare myself for these situations!
I know these would be now common conditions!
I know you prefered moving on..with your girlfriend!
And left me as I was only your friend!
Is this difference good..?
You spoiled my mood..
I thought you as bestest pal of mine
But you proved me wrong
And left your sky in this dull nite like the sunshine!
I hate you now..for making me fall for you!
I hate you now..for being my so-called best friend..!
You rather could find any better friend!
Friendship for you is a fortune..you mentioned
But our friendship came to an end..as god destined!
Sometimes you nourish me with your love..
I was enjoying flying in your sky like a dove
Sometimes you made me cry,cry and cry..
Like my eyes decided not to ever dry!
Today you are happy in your life without any rewind!
Leaving me shattered and crying behind!
Today..I am trying hell to move out!
To make all those moments wipe out!
Trying to make my life much more better,instead of having any hope of you!
I am escaping out! :')