Day After Diwali
I was crying continuosly without even knowing the exact reason behind my agony
I was not knowing whether it was b'coz of him or b'coz of my family.. </3
I was shattered but again I was not having any perfect reason behind this!
They say If you're full of pain and sorrows then just allow your tears to kiss your cheeks.Let them flow and let yourself free from that f**king pain..!
And that's what I was doing
One hour before,I'd talked over phone with him..I was not listening to him..I was crying silently
And he's just speaking his heart out..explainingme his reasons but what I was doing was just crying and crying
I couldn't say anything to him and silently cut the phone,texted him a SORRY with a '' similey for reassuring him
My insecurity was at its peak.I was again having that fear in my heart that fear of LOSING HIM,that fear of losing my BEST FRIEND AGAIN
While Thinking and wondering all this…I was crying..tears were unstoppable..but then my baby [ My younger bro ] came and sat besides me.He was watching me from a distance very keenly before..He asked me all of sudden "Di Kyu ro rhe ho?"
I was not in mood of telling anybody anything so I snapped at him.."Jaa naa yha se dimag mat khaa" and began crying loudly
All of sudden..he hugged me..I was numb b'coz He never'd hugged me like this before
I was shocked but since I was hungry for a hug actually so I hugged him back tightly and began crying crying and crying
He said nothing since he's immature but he was caressing my hair and was just consoling me
After sometime I pulled back.And the fact was I WAS FEELING BETTER so I kissed him on his cheekB'coz he deserved that!
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