Sometimes some stories are meant only for a perfect ending..!
Can you people imagine a perfect ending of someone’s love…vo bhi FB vala love..
Many boys came in her life..some acted like a flirt and some tried to hurt her..but she holded herself so well..that finally god himself selected his prince charming and made him to visit her..yes through a well-known social networking site..FACEBOOK!
Jab kismat sath ho toh bhagwan bhi sath deta hai aur dil bhi
Aisa hi kuch tha inn dono ke sath
Her boy was an adminstrator of a page…a well-known confession page..!
She was a common visitor of that page..god himself wrote their story soo they interacted with each other..through BBM..and that page too..
They came very close to each other..she found her love in him and he found his princess..
Finally he proposed her…what could be more beautiful than this for her..!She was on cloud nine at that time..so she accepted him as her love and life,without even seeing each other in reality..they loved each other just as Romeo-juliet yeah yeah this couple din’t hav ne good ending but our couple have..so can you people imagine that what would happened if they met with each other vo bhi first time..?
THEIR MEETING WAS NOT AS COMMON AS SHE THOUGHT..It was the first effort of her love for her..
He surprisingly visited her and her family too..she got amazed to see him..meanwhile so worried too about her parent’s decision
But something unexpected and good happened to her..her parents gave their “yes” to their relation..afterall what could be more happier for them than having a good son-in-law of their caste..and so well-mannered too
Now….who could be more lucky than her..she got what she want..A PERFECT ENDING OF HER LOVE STORY..WITH HER DREAM MATE..LUCKY SHE IS!!
So..finally FB NE BANA DI JODI..
Stay blessed darling wherever you’re..just remain as what you’re now..A LOVING COUPLE..