Ever wonder about me??
Ever wonder what girls like me are like??
I’m the kind of girl who’s really quiet,but once I know you better, I won’t shut up.
I don’t talk to people unless I get this tiny little piece of nerve.
Which sometimes I do.
I’m the kind of girl who’s heart skips a beat when a guy smiles at me.
I’ve never had a lot of experience with boys.
I sometimes feel I’m not good enough or I’m just not a good person because I’ve never had a true boyfriend or anything like that.
But then I remind myself I don’t need a guy.
I have some friends, maybe not a lot,but I still have them.
I have an amazing family.I don’t need a boyfriend,even though it would be nice.
I’m the kind of girl who needs alone time.
I want to be alone sometimes..
I love listening to music. It’s my life.I also draw, read,write stories, or even just think…
I’m the kind of girl who’s heart cracks when I see a little puppy alone in the rain.
I’d probably go outside and risk getting soaked to bring the puppy inside.
I’m the kind of girl who would be here for anyone.Even if I’d never met them.
Even if they're my friend on a website.I don’t care who they are..
I’m here for anyone who needs a friend, someone to talk to,or anything else.
B'coz I know I am me..I am the manager of this small page..
I am the one,who'd love to be with you guys nomatter what'd happen..no matter I'd be well or not buh still