I have heard from people that "LONELINESS SUCKS!"
Well in my case it was actually wrong even it is!
I felt even from the day i controlled myself..<from da age of 10..i guess>…had only faced humilations.,criticises,and much more..
I had seen those situations of life..while remembring those..i used to get those shivers back
When i stepped to 10..normaly kids in this age
wud get only love and care but in my case..i got tauntz..i had no one to share my feelings..even my mum became very much fed up of me..I was like hell..like burden on them..
Wel i mentioned above that i had no one but in reality i had one..he was a living being..and he understood me well..he waz none other than my DOG…But the fact waz i din't ever called him dog..he waz jst lyk my friend…cud undrstand evrytng but cudn't express..bt he used to make me undrstand…! :')
I used to cry..used to tell ol my thoughts and dreams infrnt of him
he used to appreciate me by shaking his hand frm mine..by making cute voices
And he used to cry..as i had seen his teary eyes…when i cried..!
He used to bear a feeling of satisfaction..when i used to laugh and smile infront of him!
But it is said..dat many people won't get olways wat they want!
I was atleast a bit hapie with him..but i am human..irrespective of dat he was an animal..quite obvious..his survivng age was til 14 or 15..
So finaly..on 31st december..he passed away..i cried a lot!
Now again..i had to face those tauntz and comentz..those undesirable comparisns…unwanted tokz!Actualy i used to face those even when he was by my side..bt i din't ever felt dat..these ever distractd me..!
But now these were distracting me…pushing me to my world of darknes..and due to god's wish…i somehow managed myself..and spent my time alone with my loneliness..FORPEOPLE..THEIR LONELINESS IS WORTHLES BUT FOE ME IT WAS {EVEN IT IS} BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS :')
Today i hav no one..with whom i wud cry..share my feelings etc etc
With every new day..i feel like i am breaking down..and my heart is like trash foe everyone i hav in my life
But still i m hapie..dat atleast i have my forever-with-mefrnd YES MY LONELINESS..! DAT WUD STAY FOREVER WITH ME
So this was the story of "ME AND MY LONELINESS"!
People think their loneliness f*cks!
But i dun't think it realy sucks..!
Memories of people fades away..
My löneliness….makes my day!