my diary writing time..!
10:30 pm
Dear cutie..
Today i realised dat i need him..he cursed me but still he love me..he do..i knw dat!
Yeah you knw wat..today i got my old vale dad back!
Yes..i was shocked when he caressd me..pampered me like he used to do in my childhood days!
You know when i stepped to my matured phase..i got nothing like dat old love from dad..mum..anyone!
I started hating them..mstly my dad..b’coz he treated me like a burden..which i realy din’t wana b..!
So finaly i maintained distance from him!I had distracted myslf from his love..!
But today again he made me that old gurl..that old daughter of his..who luvd him a lot!
Even i do too..bt i cudn’t show him..as i realised today..dat I NEED HIM..and again he came by my side and made me cry upon myslf for this blunder which i had done!
He love me..hope he would always..!
You held me up when i was weak..
You hugged me when i with my tearz weep..
Whatever the tough situation i would go through,
You wud push me through,
I don’t know why..
But i wana cry..
I wud thank to god a million times,
That i got a luvin dad in my real times..:’)
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