How one feels when he/she would has to select one for themselves among two..Oh yes quite confusing this feeling would be for them..!
But what if you selected the one who further betrayed you..!
Who just used you for his physical urge.
THE FUCK..i know you all would say this.
But today many of us used to reject those who actually are deserving!
It hurts when a person whom you have chosen for your entire life would ready to leave you just because you're saying to his sexual desire a big "NO"..!
Is this your mistake..that the guy or gal whom you selected just because of his or her any decent quality would try to leave you just because you're insecure or say you're not able to say a big "YES" to them..!
We can find many a lot couples living a peaceful love-life..but what about those who're regretting now for their choice..yes their WRONG CHOICE.Most of us regret of not choosing the right one for ourselves..yet we know the fact too that love happens itself..not by CHOOSING..!
Come on grow up..some of us regret for not having the one THE PERFECT ONE for their life and found their choice as wrong…They regret for not choosing the other guy or girl..what if those other guy or girl would be same then..they would definitely regret again..!
Shouldn't they move on..and what if they not even in my case..i would take this REJECTION as a reward not as granted after all..LIFE ACTUALLY MAKE US LEARN..THESE NEW LESSONS RARELY!!