I used to watch people teasing her..calling her mad.Was she really?
In the stones of her eyes..i could see that pain..sufferings..and yeah a pain of seperation.
I watched her daily..no matter whether she was alone or with people around her!
I used to notice her activities..shehad a good sense..if i guessed her right .She had feelings too..she too cried and screamed..!
When those ugly toads making their way to rehibilation house with her!
They said..she needed mental treatment..did she really?
They said she was mad and retarded..was she really?
I hav seen her since my childhood..she made me comfortable in her arms when i was a kid..
She too had a kid..a boy..whum she loved a lot
She used to make him feel her love.
But all her efforts had gone in vain
She loved him like his dad too as his dad was dead earlier
But after his death even i din’t see that pain in her eyes..
She never ever let her pain dominate her..
Just to made her boy strong!
And yes she did that..but she made her too strong..too strong that he made his way out!
Yes he left her..that old weak mum of his!
That old mum who nourished him from his birth to his adolscence..!
But what he did..made her cry..made her feel worthless!
So what else would be the reason of her madness!
Her tears..her helplessnes..her pain made her mad or worth saying that she didn’t want to face this world any more!
What she did!
Yes she suicides or say she herself gave up!
So is this worth saying that “SHE WAS MAD”??
I don’t think it is!
She actually did what she wanted to do!
She released herself from chains!
Chains of her bad fortunes!!
But still people called her mad..even now in their talks!
Don’t know why..!
Was she mad or people made her mad???