I wish I could hold you in my arms..
Just to let you know that I care..
I wish I could stand beside you
Just to let you know I'll be there..
I wish I could write you a song
That would say everything you need to hear..
I wish I could uncloud your mind..
So you could see everything so clear..
I wish I could do something stupid
Just to know that it would put a smile on your face..
I wish I could make you happy..
And take you away from reality to a happy place.
I wish I could send you a message..
That told you I was thinking of you..
I just wish so deep down inside,
That there was something I could do..
I wish I could solve your problems..
And tell you everything will be okay..
But there is nothing I can do..
Except give you my hopes and pray.
But if you need someone to hold you
So you can break down and cry.
If you need someone to stand with you
And wipe a tear from your eye.
If you need to let some frustration out
And bang your head against a wall.
If you just need to hear someone's voice
All you have to do is give me a call..
I won't judge you for what you need to do
Nothing will make me think any less of you.
Because I know what a good man you are
And I hope that you know that too.
Just know that I'm here
When the time comes that you need me.
Right here waiting
Is exactly where I will be.
So, never think for a minute
That you have nowhere to go.
Because I'm here waiting
For the time that you will just show..