Surroundings were not clear,nor did his mind.He was sitting there with his familiar companion- “CIGARETTE”,in his hand and his mouth wanting more of that smoky gas to produce the similar bubbles of dis-similar shapes;thinking about ‘her’ whereabouts,and the old lady,who has been admitted in the hospital since Two months.And it seems like,’HE’ was the only cause behind ‘her’ disappearance already and the old lady’s already approached departure from his life.Destiny was playing its part,so did he!
‘She’ was his soul mate while the old lady was the reason behind his existence- His mother,ofcourse.
“SHE” had left because she’d found her solace in some-one else,while the old lady was almost at the stage leaving because,she’d got her call of departure- her exit from the world.
Yet some hope was still remained in his those black eyes,which seemed to lost their spark.
“Sir!” Someone’s voice fell into his ears,bringing him back to face the reality of his life.He mumbled something to realize his own senses and replied,
“Yes Sister!”
Concern was clearly dripping through his voice.
” We could not save her to the fullest,yet the good news is she’s out of danger now!But…”
And the angelic voice trailed off.
” But what?” He said outrageously,for he’d no patience,no courage left in him now.
” She’s inconscious and the possibility of her returning back in her senses is average and would fully depend upon the future conditions.God has finally showed his existence,and saved your mother this time,Mr. Khanna” She whispered the last part with a sigh and patted his back,may be in an attempt to comfort him or to console him.
He took in every sentence,which he’d heard at that very moment from her and nodded with a slight smile.
Yes,he’d defeated the death today in this rat race.His lost hope has returned today.His mother has been saved by the doctors- who were probably the same angels,he’d heard about in his childhood from the same old lady,he’s been praying for.
His wife has been happy from the time she’d gone from his life,while he’s got his happiness today-The reason of his existence- His Mom.
Now,he was thinking about all the curses he’d given to his fate,to his god were not worth it.
His fate was not so atrocious- as It happened to be once!! ❤