She was crying hard and why not,she’d lost her parents in a horrible accident day before.
On newspapers the news of this once in a millenium incident was covering up the pages and frankly this whole was making me more pissed,why the hell media try to poke its nose in between every other personal matter.
Here someone’s life has been devastated like nothing and what these brats were doing was not at all going to be appreciated by me,never!
I sighed,took a deep and long breath inside through my throat and kneeled down to her in continuing my nth attempt to calm her down..but seemed like all was going in vain.
Difference was I wasnot comforting her the way she may be wanted to at that span of time,but Situations there were trying to compel me to cross my limits of comfort today.
“Shraddha,please calm down;whatever has taken place today was not at all your mistake,was it?”I said trying to sound a bit rude,but ofcourse I failed.
She said nothing,instead gave me a breath-crushing hug which ofcourse had sent a chill through my spines.
“I..I love them varun,I am..noth..nothing without their existence”She stammered within his cries.
“Shhh..Shradha,you’re not at all alone.They’re with you,in your heart,your soul.They resides in you..and they probaby won’t get happy after watching you this much destroyed.
She looked at me innocently and nodded-
“Okay I will not cry varun,but what about the company they’d left behind,who would take care of all this,I am just alone,I am in need of someone Varun please?!” She pleaded.
“Shraddha,you are not at all alone,everyone is with you,your relatives,your friends and most of all you,yourself!”I said oozing up her confidence level.
“And you? Are you with me varun?”She asked all of sudden a question,I was not expecting from her.
We had been seperated and were living our life normally;our talking and meetings were extended to a limit only.
“Uhmm yeah yeah I am with you Shraddha”I answered with a sudden jerk.
She smiled a bit and again laid her head over my chest ❤
Sometimes,all you need is a pair of warm arms around you and your head over a manly and familiar chest;Probably this's all what Shraddha wanted from me ❤