I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with BlogAdda.com.
a person who has been my role model since the time I’ve came to know about the thick and thin of my life as well as the unseen realities of the world.
When I was in like standard 9th,there’s this man whose normal routine was enough for a child like me to refer him as #myrolemodel.
He was no other than my very loving grandpa,Ah yes! He inspired me a lot and may be just because of his principles,rules,and benevolent nature,I’ve his words and memories still marked in my mind.
Since He was a government servant,so the commuters for interceding were common for him.Once I was with him,while he was busy with his work,when a interceder came to him and began crying all of sudden,She was poor,I could say that as it was clear from her appearance.
The surprising incident occured afterwise,when my grandpa comforted her and asked me for a glass of water for her.
I quickly brought that and gave to the poor laday,for which She thanked me.I surprisingly felt good as it was new for me.She told grandpa that her ‘Rashan-Card’ has not been accepted by the Tehsildars,for She’d to take some documents from there,and they’re ignoring her as Her husband was handicapped.I felt bad for her and being a child,I thought grandpa wouldn’t help her.But to my surprise,he did,not only her help but went with her too,just only to help her.
She was a normal visiter,nothing special,so out of curiousity,I asked grandpa the reason behind his unpaid kindness;To which he replied-
“Dear,God’s watching your deeds,either good or bad.
If someone needs your help and if you’re capable enough to help him;Then you must help that someone,
Who knows,when tables’d turn and you’d be the one asking for help”
Those were the great lines by him and were enough for me to get inspired.
Today,he is not with me but his principles are!
My rolemodel,My Grand Pa!