Indian people nowadays are going gaga over two currently happening activities-
Election and voting are still out of the range of us,while IPL is making us crazy to do anything or everything,we can do to not to miss a single shot,either by gales or by Dhoni…!
Most probably,there’d be no corner left untouched with the crazy spirit of IPL in Indians.
Bets are continued to be placed,while excuses seem to be the only option left for us-WE CRAZY CRICKET LOVERS.
I too made several excuses in order to get myself fit in a sofa with coke in one hand and popcorns in other,along with the happy shoutings as wel as upset cries.
Be it my excuse for skipping my classes,be it my excuse for rest..whatever excuses I’ve made,all worked mostly,yay,almighty helped me in those.
Either way,I have taken the help of app STARSPORTS.COM and even I visited the website too [ quite in rare cases ] just to make sure that I won’t miss any match of my favourite team-CSK or KXIP .
And til now,I never did miss a match,all thanx to my excuses and STARSPORTS.COM 's features.
I still remember my very legit excuse which I've made just to make my mother fool-
It was Sunday morning and ofcourse IPL had started too,being a lazy ass,I woke up quite late which was enough for my mother to get pissed.
Well,As I was aware of her habbit before,so I acted like I was inconscious and had no idea of my surroundings.
Being my loving mother,she got tensed and after seeing me in this condition,she touched my forehead,and fortunately It was warm enough to left her worried.
She didn't wake me up and left from there murmuring to herself something about my resting till evening.
I lied like a lazy ass on the bed and again slept til 7pm evening-yes miracle,I woke up exactly half past 7 in evening.
I didn't take bath even,didn't brush,nothing daily routine except One,when I'd to pee immediately.
So,ofcourse I watched the beginning of the match and could have watched the end on tv only,if power cut had not shown up.
But all thanx to STARSPORTS.COM with the help of its features,I did watch the match whole.
The two features of STARSPORTS.COM which helped me and changed my previous way of following the IPL are Deffered Live Feature and Fastest Scoreboard which did keep me and even stil keeping me up to date with the IPL.
We’re crazy about cricket and all these seem more than legitimate to that fact! has the fastest scorecard that delivers faster than anyone else and a free video streaming of the match that keeps serving us a brilliant service.!
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