On the day,when IPL every year is set to begin,understanding fan-following would also shed light on how people are avid fans of their IPL teams and players every year.
It’s that time of the year when people automatically come up with innovative excuses to bunk work or a class,just so they can kick back and enjoy a game of cricket.
With the ongoing IPL,cricket fever has truly set in.One can see all over the television before a big match,how fans pray in groups,give donations,spend thousands of bucks,see crazy predictions happening and many such things so that our team wins.
Step into any sports lounge or restaurant,all the eyes are riveted on the television screen.A typical work day wil have people frantically googling the scores or using the new STARSPORTS.COM app
while weekends are usually marathon cricket watching sessions.
Elaborate plans are already being made to host house parties in sync with matches and the excitement is almost palpable.
Being a crazy fan myself,and seeing a nation obsessed with this sport so much,so that people can kill or get killed just over a game of cricket,has always fascinated me.
I’ve been a cricket lover since childhood.Back then we would switch on the television only when sachin was batting.
But as I understud the game,esp. IPL,my love for it grew.These days I wudn’t miss any match unless I’ve an exam that day.This month and possibly next too are going to be nothing but cricket for me.
Whether,I’ve to take a day off from the college,or have to try something crazy,but I’d never miss a match,that too Pepsi IPL.
I still remember,that lame excuse I’ve made last friday only to get a day off when I was scheduled to work at college as there were some curricular activities,that too when You’re a reputed girl of your college.
The excuse,ofcourse was to call off sick-but the college authorities were much clever than me.They learned from the tricks we played-so anyone calling off sick on IPL friday will have to get a doctor’s certificate and fortunately,it’s easy for me to get one as my friend was doing the same,so I asked him for a “sick” note,and then the next day,the note was waiting for me.
It’s like god was happy with me,so my this excuse worked,but there were times,when no excuse worked,and then there worked my STARSPORTS.COM app,which did help me to follow up my matches.
Introducing features like Fastest Scoreboard,Zip Clips,Action Recap and Deferred Live so well suiting the addicts like me and my not-so-busy yet busy life a lot.
This initiative by STARSPORTS.COM has definetely provided IPL enthusiasts a one-stop destination for not missing out on the action.
Finally,we’ve got our BULAWA!
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