“He was a dumb guy… No one ever tried to pay
any attention to him. People used to say that
he was a useless being. He had accepted his
flaws, it was his routine to hear such sad
things about him..untill one day……………”
Until one day,he decided to take a step- ” a do or die ” condition in which he tried to struck himself into.
He knew he could only prove his worth,only when people would identify him..would know him by his talent,not by his ‘useless worth’.
There was this ‘Extempore competition’ going to take place in the campus,and several other aspirants along with his own school mates were going to take part in it.
This was the only chance,he could have ever,to prove himself,to kill their non-existent beliefs.
He was excited yet nervous.It was his first time,he knew it well,’but what else could be done’-he thought,as he’d already taken this vow of ‘do or die’
He registered his name and began his preparations.
He was a secret speaker- a hard fact one could ever knew about him.
In nights,he’d missed his sleeps not over crying,but also on pouring his heart out.
This could be a non-existent reality as wel as fact for others,but it was his hidden talent,his speciality.
He’d never known,that his habbit of blabbering of words along with the curses,he took and the tears he’d wasted,would lead him this way- a new beginning,may be,was waiting for him.
Finally,the most awaited day marked its arrival and most importantly,he took his first step to outer world- either to do then or to die after!
All eyes turned to him,when the announcer called his name.He heard similar gasps,similar whispers and saw similar glares,while he made his way to the stage-to the field of his dreams.
He closed his eyes and started-started with all what he’d in his heart deep buried.
Luckily,the title also appreciated his words,so he didn’t stop.It was his day- he’d this feeling.
Seemed like someone had casted a spell over the audience there,or maybe it was the affect of the magic,his words had created-when he finally ended.
No one clapped instead he saw people glaring at him,maybe it was his already set mentality.
He took a step behind in disbelief,for he was losing his hopes.
He silently in disappointment,started walking back to his destiny-THE WASHROOM.
For,he’d done what he could do,and now it was the chance of the second part of the condition,he’d relied upon.
He was in thoughts,when he heard one clap,two,four and then the whole auditorium got busy in clapping with a surprising smile-now the familiar glare had disappeared from their faces,it seemed.
He turned around with a smile,for he’d known the tables had already turned from worst to best.
And It was the time of a new beginning…!