Randhir’s Pov
“Randhir,we are waiting for you,come on!” Shanaya walked up to me causing me to
forget about what I
was thinking.
Yes I have bad memory
“I thought you guys
“We can’t leave without the keys can we?” Shanaya
asked with an attitude
like always.
I loved Shanaya
like a lot,she’s my little
conceited sister but she
thought she’s a princess and had tons of attitude.
We walked to the car and got in and I drove off home.
“Where were you love?”
Tanya asked me from
the back seat and I
looked at Karan who
was drying himself
with a towel.
“Principal’s office”
“What you do now bad
boy?” Karan asked me
with a huge grin and we
did a handshake.
“I defended Sanyukta.She got
into trouble.”I turned
the corner to go to
Karan’s house.
“What?!” Shanaya asked.
“Double what?!” Tanya
accompanied her. I parked at Karan’s house
and he got out.
“I don’t want to go to
Hawaii,anyway we go there every year, so I don’t
care.”I turned around to
look at the girls as
Karan kissed the girls
cheek and tap my back.
“But I wanted you to
come and Tanya is
coming” Shanaya wined like a five year old that
wanted ice-cream and
didn’t get any.
“Just not this year okay
love and besides I’ll
have the house for
myself, Party every
I drove off again
heading home this time,
Since we lived near
Karan,we reached
there in less than 5
“ugh fine, I just hope
mom doesn’t bitch at
you for getting in
trouble” Shanaya opened the door to the car and
walked out as I did the
“Speaking of the devil” I
looked at my mom and
dad as they walked out
my dad’s vehicle with
Ayan and Kunal at
the back, I then glanced
at Rohan’s car that turned into our driveway.
“So the entire family
decided to come home
at the same time” Shanaya sighed taking Tanya’s hand and walking in the
house with her.
“Randhir! The principal
called today; can’t you
just get out of
trouble?” My dad
approached me taking
off the ridiculous
shades he was wearing.
“Dad not right now
okay? I’m not in the
mood” I throw my keys
in the air and grabbed
“Yes right now, I’m
tired of you Randhir.I
want it to be the last
time the principal calls
me for you. Agreed!” I
rolled my eyes,
embarrassed of the
scene my dad was
making in front of Sanyu’s
friend and they were
even looking at me
“Whatever” I jumped in
my car and turned
around ready to leave
where ever. I know if I
stayed my mom and dad
will make me fall asleep.
As I was driving out of
the driveway I stopped
in front of Sanyu.
“I’ll see you tomorrow
sweetie, I’m sleeping
elsewhere” I winked at
her then drove off to
Karan’s house.
Sanyukta’s POV
I watched as Randhir
left and I felt guilty I
have to tell Aunty and
Uncle,what was going on.
“I’ll see you guys later”
I waved goodbye and
they drove off. I walked
next to Aunty as we
both walked in the
“I need to tell you
something” She looked
down at me smiling
then poked my cheek.
“What is it dear?” She
walked to the couch
and I followed throwing
my bag pack on the mini table in front of the couch.
“I’m responsible for
Randhir being in trouble,
We were playing with
Balloons and water
guns at college and I
accidently throw a
water balloon on the
principal and Randhir
took the blame for me.”
She listened closely
then opened her mouth
wide when I finished.
“My Randhir did that for
you?” She asked, a
smile popping up on her
I guess she was
as surprised as me.
“I was as surprised as
you but he did” I got
comfortable on the
couch and layed down
resting my head on
Molly’s lap.
“Well I’ll have to talk to
the principal and tell him
to forget about what
happened.” She strokes
my hair causing me to
feel sleepy.
“Can I ask you for a
favor? Or am I being too comfortable?” I sat up and she held my hand.
“You can ask me for
anything, I’m like your
mom now” I smiled
thinking about the
thought of having two
“I want my friends to
come to Hawaii with us,I’m practically lost without them and they can pay for their tickets and everything”
“I’d love it if they come,
the house is big and I
can pay for their
tickets.I have money
that I have no idea
what to do with it so
it’s okay”I smiled and
jumped of excitement
on the couch thinking
about the great
vacation I’ll have this
year maybe having a
baby is not bad after all
especially when you
have people that care
for you and support
I couldn’t ask for more.I
had two moms a new
dad.I have Ayan,
Kunal, Kaustuki,Parth
and Rohan.
Samir was a total
sweetheart.Tanya and
Shanaya? Well it makes me feel important to have enemies and Randhir,
hot sexy Randhir, he’s
becoming a great
person or so I think. I
hope he’s not doing all
of this for something or
I’ll be doomed cause I was starting to fall for his sweetness.