Sanyukta’s Pov
Wednesday, at exactly
10: 54 am I was looking
around the airport with
Kaustuki at my left and
Ayan at my right.
Mr. and Mrs. Shekhawat were sitting down waiting patiently for us to leave.Jiggy was texting like always and Samir was talking to Tanya and
Karan;Parth and Shanaya were sitting down talking.
“OH-EM-GEE Sanyuu,we are going to Hawaii” Kaustu squealed and I smiled
holding tightly to my
suitcase in front of me.
“I know! All of this is
great.”I looked one last
time at my watch
waiting impatiently. The truth was that I felt
terrible that Randhir had
to stay because of me
and also I felt tired and
“Just wait until you
guys see the beach
house.” Ayan next to
me told us as he looked
at Rohan who was coming
with a piece of cake for
“It belongs to your
parents?” I asked as I
began to eat my cake.
“Actually it’s Samir’s”
Kunal answered
walking up to us and
standing in the middle
of Ayan and me.
“What do you mean?” Rohan asked looking at him confused.
“Well mom and dad said
that if they die or
something happens to
them the beach house
will belong to Samir,The
company to Ayan and
I, Shanaya will have the
house & Randhir all the
money in the bank.”
Both Kaustu & I opened
our mouth wide.How
rich can they be?
Especially Randhir,he’s
filthy rich and he acted
like he’s a delinquent
and he did it for
“That’s incredible”Kaustu finally spoke and I nodded.Finishing
my cake we heard that
we have to go.I took
both my suitcases and
walked with them but
Jiggy stopped me.
“I’ll take that”He took my suitcase but
Samir took them instead.
“I can hold them for
you”Bhai gave Samir a
death glare and took
the suitcases from his
“She’s my sister”
“And she lives with me”
They pulled the
suitcase up and down
and left to right
“Sanyu the two love of my life are against each
other,they’re practicing
for when they have to
fight for me”Kaustu told me happily and I rolled my eyes laughing a bit.
“Sam you take one and
Bhai you take the
other,now let’s go”I
handed them one each
and walked to the
plane.In the plane I sat
in the middle next to a
window.Before buckling
up I looked around and
saw all of us scattered.
I smiled when I saw
Kaustu and Sam sitting
together.The plane
was about to take off
when someone sat
next to me.GREAT
probably a fat woman
or sleepy old man
“Hey!”The person next
to me said,I looked at the person and deep inside felt happy seeing a young boy next to me.
“Hello”I smiled realizing
his cap and his shades.
Maybe I knew this
person he lookd quite
“What’s your name
beautiful”I blushed and
looked out the window
watching as we go
higher and higher.
“Sanyukta but Sanyu for short.What’s urs”I
smiled looking at the
person and looked away again.
“Randhir,Randhir Singh Shekhawat”
I looked quickly at the
person as he took off
the cap and shades,my
mouth opened probably
to the ground.
“What the hell Randhir,
What are you doing here?”I asked with a
half smile and half
unbelievable look on my
“Aren’t we going to
Hawaii?”He winked
smiling at the same
time causing me to
laugh at how cute he was.
“So what happened to
Vardhan Sir?”I
asked still laughing,he
pulled me closer to him to whisper something
“I told him to fuck off”
I laughed louder and he
adjusted himself on the
seat with a smile on his
“You’re crazy”I looked
around the plane
making sure no one
realized Randhir is here
since anyone would
recognized him.
“Soon I’ll be crazy for
you”He told me
seriously.I looked at
him with no expression
on the outside but the
inside?What inside?
Everything just
exploded in me
“W-Wanna listen to
music?”I asked him
showing him my IPod.He nodded and I
handed him one
headphone and put the
other one in my ears.
Suddenly ‘You & I’ by 1D came on.He
looked at me and placed
his hands on mines;I
looked down at our hands and looked at him smiling.
After a long trip we
finally arrived at Hawaii.
The sun was setting
down slowly and we all
hurried out of the plane.
Rd put back on his
hat and shades and
walked alone as if we
didn’t know each other.
Outside the Airport we
all met again then
he approached us
“Hey dad”Randhir said standing next to his father.Uncle looked at Randhir and
looked as if he was
about to get a heart
ran up to Randhir and
hugged him tightly
wrapping her arms
around his neck causing
me to roll my eyes.
“What the hell are you
doing here?”Uncle asked
furious like I’ve never
seen him before.
“Vacation with my
family”He smiled
proudly and Uncle moved his head as he didn’t believe what was going on.
“We’ll talk about this
later,okay love?”Aunty calmed her
husband then we finally
took a taxi to the beach
Arriving at the beach
house, Kaustu and I walked hand in hand out of the taxi.We looked at each other then back at the house realizing Ayan was right about loving this place