Sanyukta’s Pov
It was kind of dark but we could see how beautiful the house was and how we’d enjoy hearing the waves of the ocean
splashing every now
and then. *_*
Uncle opened the door of the house revealing the most beautiful beach house anyone could ever have.
“Wow!”Rohan whispered standing next to me observing every inch of the house not leaving any corner unviewed.
“I knew you’d like it
guys,this place is
amazing and it’s all ours
for ‘2 WHOLE MONTH’ ” Parth threw himself on
the nearest couch then
Rohan joined him then
Kaustu.I looked at them
as they laughed and laughed.
“Oh what the hell”I
jumped on top of all of
them and we all laughed collapsing to the floor.
We got up and saw
everyone was looking
at us smiling or laughing
except for Shanaya she
looked furious.
Ugh how could Parth like her?
“Anyways guys,there’s enough room for all of you but I think the best thing to do is ‘girls with girls’ and ‘boys
with boys’ ”My friends
and I stopped joking
around for a while and
listened to Aunty.
“Since there are more
boys than girls two
rooms for the boys, one room should have 2
“Not to be rude Aunty but why girls can’t sleep with boys like a girl sleep with her
boyfriend?”Tanya asked.
We all looked at her and I rolled my eyes.Such a hoe,
I’s sure she’s planning on sleeping on top of
Randhir all night.
“Sweetie its better if
it’s like this, trust me”
Tanya shrugged but
smiled after all.
I understood Aunty,I
mean I’s sure she
didn’t want Tanya to
get pregnant from
Randhir or Karan and
Shanaya to get pregnant from Parth and Kaustu to
get pregnant from my
brother or Samir who
“Well Ayan and Kunal’s
room has two big beds,
Shanaya and Tanya can
sleep in one and Kaustuki and Sanyukta can sleep on the other one.Ayan show
them the room.”
Ayan directed us to the room.
It’s huge it had
drawings on the wall,
boyish drawings.
Two big beds, one at the left and one at the right side of the room. Two windows giving a clear view of the beach
“We’d have the right
side” Kaustu told Shanaya and Tanya.
“No sweetie,we have
the right side”Tanya
threw her suitcase on
the bed leaving Kaustu
with no chance to take
the bed.
“Tanya leave the bed to them,Kunal’s bed is
better.No way am I
sleeping on gay ass
Ayan’s bed”Shanaya spoke
Tanya took
her suitcase and sighed
as she threw them at
Kunal’s bed.
I moved uncontrollably
on the bed,I looked at the clock and saw it was 1:23 am.
I looked at the
ceiling and thought
about my mom.I got up
and walked downstairs
and sat outside looking
at the ocean.
“Need company?”I
looked up to see Parth
standing next to me
with a smile on his face
holding a glass of what
I think was water.
“Sure, what are you
doing here?”
He sat next to me and looked at the ocean as well.
“I can’t sleep”
He looked at me and drank some
of his water offering
me for some,I took the
cup and drank some
“I can’t sleep either, I
think the baby miss his
father.”I laughed giving
the cup to Parth.
“I think you’re the one
that miss him.”Parth
told me seriously,I
thought about it for a
What if I’m the
one that really miss
him? I can’t miss Mr.
Bad Boy.
“Me? Please! I don’t
miss him” I moved my
head ‘no’ for a while
getting a suspicious
look from Parth.I hated
how he knew me so
well, he could tell when
anyone was lying. I think he should be a judge.
“Just be careful Sanyu,
Don’t fall for him I
know what’s good for
you and Randhir isn’t
good for you.”I listened
carefully as Parth liked
always help me out.
Parth has always been
there for me he’s such
a good friend and he
knew exactly what to
tell me.
“Talking behind my back,are we?” Parth and I looked up only to see Randhir standing tall looking down at us.
Parth and I both got up
and Randhir was ready
to fight with Parth.I held Parth’s arm as I saw him getting closer to Randhir.
Oh god, what did I
“Randhir it’s not what
you think!”I stood in the
middle of Parth and
Randhir and looked at
“Are you trying to tell
me you don’t want me
in our baby’s life?”
Randhir asked me with
sadness in his eyes.
“Well you’re always
with Tanya”I told him
looking straight into his
“Tanya isn’t carrying my baby,I don’t love her Sanyukta.I-I I love you”I opened my eyes wide.
Did he say he love me?
The Randhir Singh Shekhawat loves
me,I’m dreaming,
someone pinch me.
“Don’t listen to him Sanyu,as they say once a ‘player always a player’ ”
I looked at Parth and he
looked furious,he was
ready to fight Randhir.
“ I got to go I’m really
tired” I took Parth’s hand and we were about to go but Randhir stood in front of me.
“Please Sanyu wait.I want the baby to be raised with both his/her
parents,I don’t want
us to fight”I looked
away trying to not cry
in front of him or Parth.I didn’t want them to think I’s soft
which I was!