Sanyukta’s Pov
“Sanyu I’m going to sleep,you guys talk.If you hurt her you’re dead.”
Parth kissed my
forehead and left.I
wanted to go with him
since I’s about to tear
“Please Sanyu give me a chance.”
I didn’t know
what to tell him,I’s
speechless. I looked as he leaned in like he was
going to kiss me.
I couldn’t
believe it I’s falling for
a player. And I’s having
his baby. I leaned in too.
Our lips smashed
together and then I
heard something break.
It was Tanya 3:D
SHEKHAWAT,what the hell are you doing kissing that pregnant slut?”
Slut? I’s not a slut.
Tears were about to
stream down mixed
with anger and hurt,I
couldn’t hold them back
any longer, they started streaming down my face.
“Tanya, she’s not a
pregnant slut.If you
didn’t know I’m the one
who got her pregnant”
Randhir shouted at her
making me feel a little
better. :’)
“Oh yeah I forgot, sorry
baby” Tanya said while
smirking at me.
I ran to my room. I closed the door and lay down quietly on my bed.
“SANYU please open this door” I heard someone
shout from behind the
door.Probably Bhai hearing all the noise,I
walked to the door and
opened it.
“BHA-” I shut up when I saw Randhir standing in front of me, I knew by his eyes he was hurt.
“Sanyu,I mean it I love
“You’re just a pla-” I
was cut off by him
kissing me, I was
surprised it wasn’t like
he was forcing me.It
was soft and a sweet
kiss, I liked it but I
pushed back.
“Randhir you have to go
your girlfriend is
“Tanya? Uh, who cares?
Never liked her anyway.
Can I sleep here?” He
asked with pleading
eyes. You know like
puss in boots, Randhir
can do it better, If that
was even possible.
“Remember what
your mom said, You
He stepped in and
hold my hand.
“You’re pregnant what
else can happen and I
have to take care of
you remember?”
“Alright Randhir” We
walked to the bed and I
remembered Kaustuki,I
laid down quietly but
realized She wasn’t
there.Such a hoe probably
went to sleep with
I looked down at my
belly. Randhir pulled my
shirt up and looked at
my belly, smiling with
“That’s my baby, in
there. I’m going to be a
dad. I’ve hurt you so
much” A tear trickled
down my cheek.
“It’s okay, you can’t
help being a jerk.”I
laughed and saw a tear
streamed down his
“No, I played you Sanyu, I didn’t know this would happen. I never should of carried you by Karan’s house” I pulled my cheek down and went under the blanket.
“I’ll sleep on the couch”
Randhir was about to
get off the bed but I
pulled him back.
“It’s fine Randhir you
can sleep here.”He
slowly went under the
blanket and wrapped
his arm around my
“Good night gorgeous”
He whispered in my ear.
Everything felt so right
but I knew it was
Molly’s POV
I woke up and walked
into the girl’s room to
check up on Sanyukta.I
opened the door softly
and saw Sanyu and Randhir sleeping together,Shanaya
on the other bed and no
sight of Kaustuki and Tanya.
Where the hell Kaustuki and Tanya were and what was Sanyu
and Randhir doing
sleeping together? Oh
well. I went up to my
room and took another
nap after all it was 5:35
Hours later I woke up
and went to the kitchen and made tea. I sat on the couch and drank my
tea.Such peaceful
morning I thought until I heard noise from the
kid’s room.
I walked to their rooms and found Sanyu,Tanya and Randhir fighting.
“Don’t sleep with that
whore again,Randhir”
Shanaya shouted at Randhir pointing at Sanyu.
“Tanya I don’t like you
,get away” Randhir
barked at her, holding
Sanyu’s hand.
I looked over at Jignesh
and Samir pointing at
each other.
“I’m using the
bathroom first,this is
my house and I do
what I want”Samir told
“I don’t care if this is
your house, the
president’s house or even Osama’s house, I’m using the bathroom
I looked over at
Kaustuki and Shanaya
“You little prostitute,If
I ever see you talking to Jignesh again, I’ll beat the whore out of you”
Kaustuki shouted at Shanaya and Shanaya pushed her.
“I can talk,kiss and do
what ever I want with
Jignesh.I can even make
him my boyfriend” Shanaya pushed kaustuki back hard.
“What the hell did you
say Shanaya?”Parth cut in between them and
Shanaya had a terrified look on her face, while Kaustuki was smirking. I looked over at Kunal, Ayan and Rohan.
“Ayan I swear I saw
his gay ass looking at
me when I was in the
bathroom” Kunal wrapped his towel
“I would never look at a
kid like you naked,I
rather watch girls” Rohan
told him sassing like a
girl while Ayan tried to
calm them down.
I looked for Karan and
saw him sleeping.
“Everybody STOP!”
I shouted as hard as I
could then looked over
at Tanya as she
smashed a vase on…
SANYUKTA’s head.