Sanyukta’s Pov
I saw as Shanaya dropped to the ground.The vase
was aimed for me but
Randhir pulled me away
and Tanya slammed the vase on her head.
Aunty ran by her and
held her tightly.
“What the hell Tanya?”
Parth picked her up and
ran downstairs with her with all of us behind of him.
“Car is in the
garage,here’s the key”
Aunty walked to the
door with Parth ready to go to the hospital
“You stay here;I’ll take
care of her.I promise”
Parth took the keys
from Aunty and ran
away with Shanaya,
slamming the door as
he left
“All of you sit down
NOW!”Aunty shouted
causing all of us to jump and find a spot to sit down quickly
“I hope for Tanya sake
that my daughter is
alright”She glared
at Tanya and Tanya
looked embarrassed.
“I’m sorry,it wasn’t for
Shanaya”Tanya spoke up looking shyly at Mrs.
Shekhawat.She sighed
and sat down on a chair
facing us.
“Can someone tell me
what was going on up
there?”Aunty pointed
upstairs and we all
looked at each other
and started talking at
the same time.
shouted and all of us
stop talking immediately except for
“I wouldn’t look at him
naked just because I’m
gay”He said as we
shut up,we all looked
at him and laugh.
“Can ONE person tell me
what was going on?”
Aunty said trying to
look serious again.
“We can’t get along
mom.That’s it”Randhir
told his mom while
getting comfortable on
the couch next to me.
“Well let’s try to start
over then.Tanya
apologize to Sanyu”Tanya
looked at me with
disgust and I rolled my
“I-I’m sorry”I smiled at
her laughing evilly
“Kunal apologize to
up and walked over by
“I’m sorry maybe I
exaggerated a little”
He hugged him and we
all smiled at the scene
“Last but not least,
Sam apologize to Jignesh”We all looked over at Sam and watched him walked over by his mom.
“Sorry but no can do
mom”He kissed his
mother’s cheek and
walked out the door
“Sam,come back”
Aunty got up and
followed Sam out the
“What’s going on?”We
all looked back to see
Karan’s sleepy eyes
looking at us confused.
Most of us laughed and
walked upstairs while
Randhir walked passed
him taping his back.
I ran upstairs and
took a quick shower
and got dressed.
Kaustuki excitedly told me
about sleeping in my
brother’s arms.I laughed
every minute as she
described my brother
with such amazing
She and I decided to take a walk.
“I hope Shanaya is alright”I told Kaustu walking slowly on the beach feeling the hot sand on my feet as I take each step.
“What? You wish her
the best when the vase was for you”Kaustu
looked at me with an
unbelievable look.
“Stop being so mean”I
hit her playfully and look
at the people we were
getting closer to.
“I’m actually happy,I
hope the vase hit her
brain and she
remembers that her
boyfriend is Parth and
that Jignesh belongs to
me”I laughed at her
comment knowing that
she isn’t joking.
“Well okay then,mom,I
thought Jignesh belong to my mom” She mocked me and I tick out my tongue
“Anyways I’m done
talking about her let’s
talk about you and
Randhir last night. I
know you guys slept
together.”I blushed the
instant she mentioned
“We did. Last night he
told me he loves me,it
felt so right” I looked at
her as her smile
turned into a frown.
“Sanyu sorry to burst your bubble but I think you should be careful” A nervous flutter
interrupted the happy
feeling I had inside
about Randhir.
“You know the kind of
person Randhir is,he
might be using you and
we know he is known
for being a major bad
boy but a player too
just take it slow and
let’s see what
happens”My stomach
twisted into knots, deep inside knowing that Kaustuki is right. Maybe I should be careful and worry about the feelings I had for
“But he looked so
sincere and I don’t
know Kaustu,I think I’m falling for him. Ugh I’m so easy.”
“It’s not like that you
just get fooled easy
that’s why we are
friends,you’re the
naïve one and I’m, I’m
me”She jumped happily
and I laughed at how
herself she is.
“You’re right with the
Randhir thing I should be careful,After all being the bitch that you are really paid off”I giggled and She pushed me playfully.
“Hey Girls!” We heard
someone shout from
behind of us and we
looked back to see Rohan running up to us
“So you thought you
were going to get rid of
me,No way”He pushed us a side and walked in the middle of us.I look ahead to see where I was going,when I saw two hot guys walking in our direction.*_*
“Oh my god” I almost
drooled thinking about
all the things I would do
to them if I had the
“Omg, omg, omg. how I
look Rohan? How do I
look?” Kaustu started to freak out and calmed
down a bit when the
boys passed us and shooted
us a sexy look.
“Hold me” Rohan acted as if he was going to faint and him and Kaustu fell