Sanyukta’s Pov
“Are you alright?”The
boys turned around and
offered their hand to
Kaustuki and Rohan.I almost dropped too when I heard their gorgeous British accent. *_*
“We are better than
ever”Rohan got up and
looked straight into the
boy’s eyes
“So you guys are British
huh? Wanna carry two
beautiful girls home to
your British parents?”
Kaustuki pulled me closer to her and looked at the boys who were right in front of us.
“I’m sorry girls but I’m
gay” One of the boys
told us and we both
frowned as Rohan pushed us and smiled at the gay guy.
“But I’m not gay and I’d
love to take one of you
girls home” The other
boy winked at us and
Kaustu held my hand
tightly not wanting to
collapse again.
“I’m Sanyukta,this is Kaustuki and that one over there is gay Rohan” I smiled as
consciousness came to
“I’m Jonathan and this
is my brother Harry,
Nice to meet you” He
extended his hand and I
shook it.
“We have to go now
but there’s a beach
party tonight here
maybe you could come”
The boy named Harry
told us and we nodded.
“We’ll be there, love”
Rohan told him giving him his “sexy” look.They
nodded and we
exchanged numbers and they left.
“Finally found a partner!
Guess who’s having fun
tonight, I am” Rohan did a little dance and Kaustu joined him.I laughed.
After couple hours of
doing nothing we
decided to go home and
tell the rest about the
party and get ready.All
of them wanted to
come and Mr. Shekhawat begged Mrs. Shekhawat to
let us go.We learnt that
Shanaya was just fine and she was coming back home tonight. It was 7:30 pm and Kaustu was
already excited to meet
hot Jonathan once
“What about Jignesh and Samir? Forgot about them so quickly” I teased her as she
unpacked her luggage
throwing everything
around the room looking
for the perfect outfit.
“I don’t want Jonathan
for me,I want him for
you” I stopped looking
for clothes to wear and
looked at her.
“For me? When did I
gave you that
authority” She winked at me and smiled proudly.
“The day you named
me your best friend,
now stop being such a
goodie, you know he is
hot and it’s the best
way you can forget
about Randhir”I nodded
convincing myself that
she was right, maybe
going out with jonathan
isn’t a bad idea.
“And who told you I
want to forget about
“We are not discussing
it anymore,I’m going to
hook you up with
Jonathan and that’s it”
I half smiled and thought
about sexy Jonathan. *_*
“You know what?
You’re right, tonight
Jonathan and I are going
to crash that party” I
smiled widely and stop
immediately as I saw
Randhir casually
standing at the door
listening to everything.
“And who exactly is
this Jonathan guy that
wants to steal the
future mother of my
upcoming baby?” I looked
at Randhir seriously and
Kaustu looked away
“Well, uh, He’s my date
to the party” I finally
told him as he walked in
and glared at her.
“Yeah, she’s going to
the party with him oh
and he’s British”Kaustu
smiled and walked over
by me. Randhir mocked the British part and Kaustu stick out her tongue.
“So you like British
boys?” He talked in a
British accent and I
“Well have fun
then,I’ll be enjoying
myself with my Cali girl”
He walked over by Tanya who suddenly appeared at the door.
“You get even prettier
for tonight”Randhirtold
her and kissd her cheek
walking out the door.I
rolled my eyes and
continued looking for
some clothes.
“So you found a guy
huh? Does he know
you’re pregnant”Tanya
asked me as I heard her get closer to me.My
back is turned since I’s
hanging some of my
clothes from my
“That’s not your
Kaustu told her.
“Was I talking to the
hoe of this place?I
don’t think so”I turned
around and saw Kaustu
pinned Tanya on the wall.
I wasn’t surprise,Kaustu
cud act like a bad girl
most of the time
“Kaustu just leave her
alone her words can’t
hurt me”I walked over
by them and pulled
her away.
“Why thank you Mrs.
Naïve.I just hope I can
see this Jonathan guy
so I can tell him you’re a slut and sleeps with the first guy you see”
“That’s it”Kaustu
slapped her and pulled
her hair hard and throw
her on the bed.
“If I see you even looking at Jonathan, I swear I’m
going to pull off your
weave”Tanya looked at
the door and saw Sam
standing there then she
fake cried.
“Sam you have to help
me,Kaustu just
threatened me.”She ran
over to Sam and huggd
“Is that true?”Sam
asked and Kaustu
moved her head no.
“Stop exaggerating,Tanya”Sam pushed her away from him and walked closer to us.
“I was wondering,
Maybe you want us to
hang out at the party?”
Sam asked Kaustu and I literally heard her
“Jiggy already asked
her but I’m available”
Tanya holded his arm and dragged him out of the room.Kaustu made an attempt to pull her by her hair but I stopped her.
“Ugh I hate her”I
complained sitting down on the bed.
-T.B.C. —