Sanyukta’s Pov
“I know! I hate Tanya
even more. But don’t
worry tonight she will
magically drowned”Kaustu said
“Kaustu stop saying
that”I got up and told
her with an even more
serious face.
“Shanaya and she deserve that and even more.I hope Shanaya stays in the hospital.”Kaustu said
“None of them deserve
to die,okay?”
She growled.
“Fine she’s not going to
drown just drink a little
water?”She asked with
an innocent look
As much as I
hated Tanya and Shanaya and probably secretly wanted them to go die in a hole.Kaustu could
totally destroy them.
“Promise me you’re not
going to do anything
She nodded and mumbled something about me being too nice.
“A little prank could be
She ran off the room giving me no chance to answer.I sighed and looked at the closet and finally saw what I could wear.
It was about 9 when
we were all ready.
Kaustu and I
walked downstairs and
they were all
downstairs ready.
“How old do I look Sanyu?”
Kunal asked me and
modelled a bit in front of
me.I examined him
closely and smiled.
He looked at himself
then shrugged
“But I’m 18”
“Let’s see”
I fixed his clothes a bit and arranged his hairstyle.
He hit my hand in the
process but I still fixed
him up.
“Now you’re about to
turn 20”
He smiled and we heard high heels tapped on the floor.We turned
around to see Tanya
walking up to us with a
slutty outfit.
Can you believe this retard?
‘Wearing heels to a
beach party’.Dummy!
“I’m ready to go”She
said with a cocky tone
and walked by Randhir
and held his hand,almost pushing him out.
“I want you kids to be
back by twelve”Mrs.
Shekhawat told us and we all shrugged.
“Mom,we are 21 and up
we can be here by 2”
Samir complained and we all nodded.
“Kunal is only 18,so
be back before 2,understood?” We
nodded and Uncle
hurriedly shooed us.
“Seems like we aren’t
the only one having fun
Jiggy mumbled
and we all laughed,
walking calmly heading
to the beach party.
We walked down the
beach from our house,
we actually heard the
music from where we
were, and it wasn’t far
at all.Tanya was in the
middle of Sam and
Randhir talking to both
of them about different things.Karan was either texting or playing with his phone. Ayan was walking next to me and had his eyes
glued to Rohan talking all excitedly over the
After about 3 minutes
of walking we were at
the beach party.I
spotted Jonathan and
his brother obviously
not before Rohan ran up
to Harry and hugged him.
“You made it”Jonathan
hugged Kaustu then
hugged me.
“We did! I’ll leave you
two alone,have fun
lovely.”Kaustu winked at me and modelled away from us.
“You look gorgeous”I
looked down and blushed,he lifted up my chin and smiled causing me to smile too.
“Let’s get you a drink”
He holded my hand and
we walked where the
drinks were being
“Can it be non-alcoholic?
The last time I drank it
didn’t went to well” He
nodded and I looked
down and touch my
“Hey Sanyukta,So this is Jonathan. Nice too meet you,I’m Tanya” She appeared from no
where and hugged him like she knew him since
“It’s a pleasure”He
smiled and looked at me confused.
“I’m living with Sanyu for vacation.”She smiled
and acted innocent and
“Tanya what the hell are you doing here?” Randhir appeared from behind of me and almost dragged her with him.
“I’m meeting Jonathan,
Jonathan this is Sanyu-”
“I’m Randhir Singh Shekhawat,Sanyu’s cousin” Randhir interrupted Tanya and
we both looked at him
“Tanya is my
girlfriend.she’s a bit too
friendly sorry to bother
you” Randhir and
Jonathan did a
“Jonathan can you
show me the
followed him to the
“Why did you say you’re
my cousin?”
He walked behind of me.
“Because I’m going to
kidnap you”He
whispered in my ears
and I turned around
“When you get so bored
of him, I’m going to
kidnap you and then we
can both have a little
fun. He’s a boring guy
so take your time
getting bored” He
winked at me then left
when he saw Jonathan
coming my way. 😀
“What Happened to
Tanya?”I asked giving
him a confused look as I looked around for her.
“Kaustuki told me they
had to talk about
something important”I
smiled and followed him
to sit down. 🙂
Jonathan talked and
talked and I had to
admit Randhir was right,this guy was so boring.I looked around and saw Tanya dancing with Karan,Kaustuki and Sam were holding hands walking away from people,Rohan and Harry were kissing.Boy, they didn’t waste time.
😮 :p
I looked over at Ayan
and he was staring at
Rohan and Harry.
“Sanyu!” I finally heard
Jonathan and looked at
“Huh? I’m sorry I was
thinking about
something. I’ll be back”
He nodded and I walked
over by Ayan.
“Why so bored Ayan,
What’s wrong?” He
jumped a bit then
looked at me… :3