Sanyukta’s Pov
“Uh,nothing just here
sitting down having a
blast.This party is the
shit.”I laughed noticing
the sarcasm from Ayan’s side.
“Want me to find a girl
for you?”
“It’s okay I can find a
girl for myself,why
aren’t you enjoying the
party? Rohan and Harry
are having fun and
Randhir is around girls
like always.”I followed
his gaze and looked at
Randhir surrounded with girls,they were all over him like he was a god.
“I can see that”I rolled
my eyes then smiled at
Ayan to cheer him up
but he sighed and got
“I’ll go get Alcohol,see you love”
Ayan walked away
and my phone
immediately rang. I
moved away from
everyone and
“Hello?” my mom’s voice echoed in my ears and I smiled.
Someone missed me.
“How are you love?I
miss you so much”I
smiled and looked at
the sea.
“I’m alright,at a party
right no-” Someone
covered my mouth and
my phone dropped, I
kicked and kicked but
the person slowly
carried me away.Oh no,
I’m going to die.
Randhir’s Pov
I covered Sanyu’s mouth and dragged her as fast as possible. Everything was going well until she decided to hit me on the ‘balls’. [well girls you can imagine,rite?]
dropped to the sand
and hold my private
area.She looked at me worried.
“Randhir,I’m so sorry”
She kneeled down and
rubbed my back.
“How the hell do you
expect us to have more
kids”I whined in pain.
This girl has no idea
how much this hurts.
“I didn’t know it was
you jerk,what you
expect me to do if
someone covers my
mouth and kidnaps me” I hold my private area for couple of minutes then I got up.
“So you’re feeling
better,bye now” She
started to walk away
but I pulled her back.
“Don’t you think I
deserve something
after what you did”
She crossed her arms
over her chest.
“Really maybe a slap for
doing that to me?”I got
closer to her and pinned
her against a coconut
“I’m sorry baby but I
told you I was going to
kidnap you,now give
me a kiss” I was
surprised when she slappd me and walked away,I stood in front of her and held her hand.
“I have a surprise for
you and the baby”She
looked at me confused & then giggled.
“The baby isn’t born
yet now stop being a
douche and let me have
fun,you had enough
already”She said doing
the stance you usually
do when giving someone an attitude.
“Come on,I’m trying to
be a better person for
you and the baby”I
tried to put a pleading
face trying to remember the faces
most of the girls put
when they wanted to
go out with me.
Hoes I know.She smiled at me
“Fine,where we going?”
I smirked and walked to the port with her which was really close.
“I rented a yacht for us,I want us to spend the entire night talking to mermaids and
penguins”She giggled
and I smiled proudly.
“You know we are in
Hawaii not Antarctica”I
nodded and looked back
realizing we were getting far
“I know.So I want our
little boy to like the sea
cause I love the ocean”
She bent over and
picked up a nice looking
“You do?What else do
you like?”She asked
looking interested.
“I like you”I winked and
she looked down and
We reached at the port
and we got in the
yacht,we sailed in the
middle of the ocean.I
decided to leave it there
and we layed down in
front of the yacht.
“The sky looks
beautiful”She told me
looking up,I placed my
hand on hers and smiled
at the sky.
“Yeah,the stars are
shinning so bright.Looks
like the twinkle you
have every time you
look at me”I joked and
She hit my chest
“You are such a jerk”
She looked at me and I
smiled at her.
“And you wouldn’t like
It any other way”I lean
in to kiss her but she
looked away.Damn,
when will I finally be
good with this girl?
“Hey what about our
summer project?”I
growled then sat up
looking as she sat up
“Why don’t you ask
your beloved friend
Ayan,he’s good with
“Why don’t you ask
him,he’s your brother”
I sighed and remembered we never
got along.He always
thought I was a jerk
and the black angel of
the family.
“We don’t get along and
you know that.I would
ask Sam or Shanaya but not Kunal or Ayan”I
took off my shirt and
she stared at me.
“Uh,well.I’ll ask him
when I get the chance”
I laid back down and
she did the same
placing her head on my
“You know I can stay
like this all night”I
smiled and looked at the stars once again.
“Can I ask you
oh god,She’s going to ask me if I love her,
I don’t love her yet.I’m not even sure I like her. Yes I told her I like her, why won’t I want
another girl to cuddle to
every now and then
“Sure,what is it?”She
looked up at me with a
serious face.
“Why are you acting like
you love me?I know
you don’t.I clearly
understand you have no
heart and we were a
mistake but you don’t
have to put on an act”
And there it was the
first thing that made
me feel bad in my life.
She just said I don’t
have a heart