Randhir’s Pov
I got up immediately
and looked at her
“You think I have no heart?I’m here with you trying to be as romantic as possible because bad boys aren’t romantic but I’m trying for you and you’re telling me this shit”
“Randhir,I-I didn’t want
to hurt you but I know
you don’t love me if it
weren’t for your
parents I would have
been dying home alone.”
Now she was standing
in front of me.
“You know what,let’s
leave.I understand that
you think I’m a jerk and
a douche and maybe I
am.And I may be a bad
boy but you don’t see
me trying to kill the
A tear fell down her cheek.So now she’s
crying.UGH Girls.
“I hate all of this,I hate
that I’m pregnant,that
you’re the father.I hate
everything.You know
what? I wish Sam or
Parth were the father
even Rohan who is gay
would be a better father then you”She
covered her mouth as
soon as she said that.
I felt like tearing up, she preferred a gay guy and not me? This is just what I needed to end this pathetic life of
“I get you Sanyu,I get you real good.And since you prefer them to be the father of the baby and you can’t change the fact that I am.We are giving the baby to
‘fucking adoption’ ”She
opened her mouth wide
and looked like she
froze,I walked away
and I sailed back to the
By the time we got
back it was almost 2
and there was no sight
of Sam and the others.
I walked back to the
house and Sanyu walked in front of me not even glancing back. I finally catch up to her and we arrived at the same time,we walked in and everyone was fighting.
“What the hell is going
on here?”I asked and
every one immediately
stopped talking.
“Ayan got us kicked
out of the beach party”
Tanya said obviously
“Sanyu are you okay?”
Kunal walked up to
her and I glanced at her
noticing her eyes were
red and puffy.
Hell no she’s not alright she’s been acting like a bitch and I’m not even joking about wanting to give the baby for ‘adoption’
She nodded and fake
smiled“What did Ayan
She asked
“Rohan’s stupid
boyfriend called me a
hob knocker and I’m not allowing any gay douche to call me unknown words”
I stared at him blankly and noticed he was drunk.What an ass
“Anyways guys Let’s
forget about all of this
we were supposed to be back here by 2 and
guess what,It’s past
two so let’s go sleep”
Karan suggested and
we growled and
suddenly it came to me.
“What if we play Truth
or Dare”I gave them a
mischievous smile and
they all agreed.We
went in the room Sam
and Jiggy were sleeping in since it’s the second
biggest,we sat in a
circle and even Parth and Shanaya woke up and joined us
“Are you sure you want
to play baby?”Parth
asked shana as she sat
next to me and hugged
“I won’t miss it for
the world”
She kissed my cheek and smiled,evilly at Tanya.
“Well let’s do this shit” I demanded to start and they all nodded,I looked around and my eyes set on Kaustuki.
“Kaustu!Truth or dare?”
I looked at her evilly and
Sanyu who was next to
her squeezed her hand
“Dare”She answered
back determined.I
thought for a while,
what should I make her
“I dare you to smear
jelly on one of Parth’s
armpit and butter on the other armpit and eat it.”
She widened her
eyes and I smirked.She
went down to the
kitchen and minutes
later came back and did
her dare.
“Eww Randhir,I am so
going to get you back.
I smirked and she looked around like I did.
“Kunal my boy,Truth
or dare?”Kunal thought about it and smiled at Kaustu.
“I dare you to do full make out with Rd”
I opened my mouth wide probably hanging on my legs.No FUCKING way my brother was going to kiss me.No,No and No
“I can’t kiss him he’s
my-my bother”He
looked at me with
disgust and moved his
head no more than ten
“You are a sick person
She smiled angelically and blew a kiss to me
“Come on Rd Aren’t
you a man? it
wouldn’t hurt if you
kiss your beloved
I glared at Karan and was about to punch him but Shana stopped me.
“What was that?”Kaustu
asked and smirked at
I said and Kunal walked up to me and pecked my lips.I felt
vomit creeping out of
my mouth,I rushed to
the bathroom and
washed my mouth
about 20 times and got
back to the game
“That wasn’t the dare
you know”Kaustu smiled bt Sanyu gave her a shut up look and she stayed calm.
“Ayan,Truth or dare”
Kunal asked Ayan.
“Dare”He said proudly.
“I dare u to make out
with Rohan”I looked at
Ayan,he wasn’t the
type to say dare but he did probably because he was drunk
“No problem”He walked
over by Rohan and made out with him.Actually
they ate each other,
they kissed with so
much passion.Now I’s
sure Ayan was gay.
Sanyukta’s POV
We’ve been playing for
about an hour now and
we wer all half naked
except for Rohan,poor
guy was naked and
apparently has no
They dared me
to make out with
Rd and turn him on,
they actually forced me
since I’s angry with