Sanyukta’s Pov
After the rough and not at all passionate kiss between I and randhir,
a lot of nasty things
happened and I’s trying
to remember why I’s
still playing.
Want to know why? Because they challenged me and
the last time someone
challenged me I went
home ‘proud with a
Anyone may think I’s
the softy soft Sanyu but that’s until they
challenged me,I would
do anything and I mean
‘anything’ to win a
“Shanaya,truth or dare?”
Randhir asked her and
she covered herself a
bit more with a towel.
“I’ll say Dare”
“I dare you to make out
with Jignesh for 5
Kaustu opened her eyes wide and I could see jealousy in her eyes.
She and Randhir had been making the game miserable for each other
“Parth say something”I poked him.
Shanaya walked over to
Jiggy and sat on his lap
and winked at Kaustu
“It’s a dare I can’t do
anything”He replied
She didn’t wait for Parth to finish when she already had her tongue in my brother’s mouth.
I looked at Kaustu and
saw tears forming.
One fact about her,she
hated to feel defeated.
“Sanyu,Truth or Dare”
Shana gave me a dirty
look and I knew this
was going to be bad but I couldn’t choose truth.
“Sanyu please don’t”Parth warned me and everyone looked at me telling me “no” with
their eyes even TANYA.
Wow,this will be bad.
“Clever choice even
though I would of
recommend Truth since
you’re the kind of
person that will do any
My heart skipped
a beat and my throat
suddenly needed water
and air.
“Just tell me what I
have to do”I managed
to say with my voice
shaky.I wanted to run
away & just end this
stupid game and go to
sleep,but I’s not that
kind of person.
I’s going to do the dare,
I’s going to do anything
she said..
“I dare cut your
wrist and press the
knife hard on your belly,
I want to see a real
deep cut”
I cleared my throat and they all looked at me then at Shana.A million things came to my head,stuff like the day Randhir and I had sex, The day my mom told me I was going to move with him,when Tanya called me a hoe, when I saw Randhir and Tanya having sex and most importantly his
“We are giving the baby
to fucking adoption”
That sentence played
over and over in my
head like a scratch CD.
The baby was a mistake,my life would go back to normal if baby’d die & I can start a new life at a new place
I cud even stay here
and start over.My
words came back to me and a tear fell down.
“I’ll do it”
I quickly took the knife
Shana extended out to
me and cut my wrist,I was about to press the knife on my belly when Randhir took the
“What the FUCK Shana?How can you dare her to do such thing?Are you out of your mind?Did you even think before you talked”
He screamed at her.
More tears streamed
down my face and Parth and Kaustu hugged me.
“Randhir give me the
knife”I managed to say
through sobs,he shook
his head and I looked
over at Shana and she
looked scared
“If you want someone
to do the dare I’ll do It”Randhir placed the
knife on his belly and his
hands were trembling,Parthtook the knife and dropped it.
“No Rd,If there’s
someone here that
need to cut their self is
Shanaya”He turned to look at her and tears were forming in her eyes.
“You’re a sick diabolic
retard that needs to go
to a mental hospital and I’m sorry to tell you this but we are OVER”Parth
screamed in her face
and everyone started
to tell her mean stuff.
I stood there like a total dumb and looked at everyone shoutd things at her until she couldn’t take it anymore and ran
away saying she’s
“I have to go talk to
her”I tried to run
behind of her but
Randhir stopped me.
“Don’t!She needs to
think about what she
did,we need to treat
your cut now.Come on”
I followed him to his
room and he asked the
rest to leave us alone.
“Were you really going
to kill our baby”He
asked me tears streaming down his
“You don’t care about
the baby or about me,
no one cares”I whined
in pain as he wrappd a
cloth over my wrist and
touchd my cheek softly
“When you were about
to kill the baby,I-I realize I do love you.I
love the baby and I
can’t see myself living
without you”
I looked into his eyes as tears fell down his cheek none-stop
“You don’t have
to lie,I’ve made up
my mind and you were
right.We are giving the
baby on adoption”
He got up and turned
around.He hit the wall
hard and turned to look
at me.
“I don’t want that.I
fucking love you Sanyu,I
really do.Please give me
a chance just please.”
He kneeled down in
front of me and begged.
I closed my eyes and
wiped the tears from my face-“I-I don’t know”
Randhir hold his head
and got up.I got up and he hugged me tight.“Please Sanyu,I’ve realized I need you
and I want to be with