Sanyukta’s Pov
Randhir let go and hold
my hand then looked
me in the eyes..
“I want you to be my
girlfriend, please say
“Randhir are you
serious?”I froze for a
moment realizing what
was going on.
College’s bad boy,Randhir Singh Shekhawat was crying and wanted me to be his girlfriend.
“I want to be your
Randhir’s face
lightened up and he hugged me tightly and then we kissed.
I felt fireworks go off in my belly.He
pinned me against the
wall and continued
kissing me until we
were out of breath.
“I can’t believe this,I’m
the happiest man alive”
I laughed and he lifted me up and threw me on the bed.He jumped on the bed and lifted my shirt up & touched my belly.
“Hey there little guy,
your mommy and I are
dating now and I love
her.I may not love her
more than you but close enough.”He talked to my belly like he was
talking to the baby,I
smiled and couldn’t
believe Randhir actually
had a soft side.
“You know it’s a girl
I told him.
“I’m sorry to disappoint
you love but it’s a little
He kissed my belly then kissed my forehead.
“Sanyu are you-” Rohan
walked in and saw us kissing and we got up from the bed immediately.
“What the hell is going
on here?” Parth walked
in and saw Randhir and I holding hands.
“Randhir and I… Are
dating”I screamed and
jumped excitedly.
Kaustu heard what was going on and walked in the room and hugged me.
“Oh my god,I’m so
happy for you”She
kissed my cheek and
hugged Randhir,I heard
her whisper something
to Randhir sounded like
she threatened him..
“All lovely but I need to
sleep so get out”Karan
demanded and we all
got out, I kissed Randhir goodbye and left.
Kaustu and I walked in the room and found Tanya and Shanaya sleeping.I felt
so bad for Shanaya I’s
sure there’s something
behind her bad behavior.
“Sanyu I’ve got an idea,
what if we stick
chewing gum on Shana’s
and Tanya’s hair”
I giggled softly and hit her playfully.
“Are you out of your
mind,we can’t do that
to them”
“We can and we will”
She went in her
pocket and took out 2
chewing gum,she told
me to chew one then
give her back.I did what
she said and she quietly
stick it on their heads.
She and I went to
bed and cuddled.She
obviously was thinking
about either Sam or
Jiggy while I was
thinking about Randhir
up to the sound of Shanaya screaming.HA! How did she like her hair
“Who the hell did this to
ME” She shouted once
more.Kaustu growled
while getting up and
when she finally opened
her eyes she laughed at
“Calm down shana it’s
not so-”Tanya stopped
and touchd her hair
realizing what was
going on.
“It was you,wasn’t it?
It was you Kaustu!” She shouted and I joined Kaustu in the laughter.
“It’s called payback, and don’t worry you’ll look better bald”
Kaustu teased her and we both ran out of the room before they
could explode.
“What’s going on?”
Karan asked us when
he saw us run in the
room he slept in.
“We played a dirty trick
on Shana and Tanya
nothing to worry about.”
Shana appeared at the
door with a scissors.
“I’m going to cut both
of you”Kaustu and I
both jumped in the bed
next to Randhir and
cuddled up to him.
“What the hell?”He sit
up on the bed and lookd
at Karan trying to push
Shana away from us.
“Calm your tits girl”Karan finally pushed
her out and sighed
leaning on the bed.
“Good morning love,I
missed you”Randhir told
me then we kissed.
“Get a room”Kaustu got
off the bed and walked
to the door.
“No! You two get a
room and leave us
alone”Roman told them
and we continued to
We spent a month and
two weeks in Hawaii
and now we were on our way back home.Ah!
Home sweet home.I
knew vacation wasn’t
over yet we still had 2
more months but Mr. Shekhawat had things to do so we had to come back.It’s been
almost a month since
Rd and I decided to
be together.Our
relationship was perfect,I
think he loves me for
real and there’s no
doubt that I love him too
The first three weeks
was about Kaustu,
Tanya,Shana and I
pranking each other
then the other weeks
Girls vs Boys quite fun if
I did say so myself.
“Should we drop you off first?”Mr. Shekhawa asked Kaustu who had her tongue all in Sam’s
Oops Sorry.I forgot to
tell you.They were dating.Yup,it’d
been a week now and
they were inseparable.
Kaustuki liked my brother of course but she found Shanaya and my brother making out and she went for Sam.Oh yeah
forgot again,Shana and
Jiggy were dating.Things
were messed up now but Ayan and I were coming up with a plan to make Jiggy dump Shanaya and Kaustu and Jiggy could
get back together.
“She’s spending the
night,mom”Sam said
out of breath,I looked
over at my brother and
saw him rolled his eyes.
He’s totally jealous.
“Well I’ll drop off Jignesh”Mr. Shekhawat said turning the corner to where I once lived.
“He’s spending the
night too mom”Uncle growled and stopped the car then lukd back at us.