Sanyukta’s Pov
“Listen, we all spent a
whole month together
and it’s time to go
home.Parth and Rohan
want to spend the
night too and maybe
sleep with your Aunt and I”Mr. Shekhawat asked sarcastically.
“No sir,we do want to
go home.”Rohan nodded
looking at Parth and then at Mr. Shekhawat.
“As soon as possible”
Parth added glaring at
Jiggy and Shana who
were giggling about god
knows what.
“Perfect then”Mr.
Shekhawat turned around and drove to Parth’s house then dropped off Rohan.Tanya and Karan
were already home and
no they were not dating.
Hawaii wasn’t all that
We arrived home and I
ran to my room
slamming myself on the bed.
I felt like I got wrestled by 2 lions and 3 elephants.
I looked up when I heard the door slammed and saw
Randhir walking slowly
up to me.I got up from
the bed and hugged him.
“Tired baby?”He asked
kissing my cheek going
down on my neck,I
giggled a bit and nodded.
“More than ever.I just
want to sleep and
wake up next year”he
let go of the hug and
smiled at me.
“You just want to get
away from delivering
our baby huh?I told you
not to search for
pregnant lady’s giving
I glared at him and he simply laughed giving me a sexy look
Hell yes I want to get
away from the delivery
of the baby but most
importantly sleep until
these 7 months pass
because I’ve been
eating like a pig
“Whatever,now get
out I need to talk to
Bhai and Kaustu in
here”He growled and
lay down on the bed.
“But I want to make
love to you”he pulled
me on top of him and
gave me a pleading
“Sorry Rd but this is
important”I got off
him and told him
seriously,he nodded
and walked out the
door giving Jiggy and
Kaustu dirty looks as
they walked in
“What’s up little sister?”Jiggy walked to the mirror and look at himself.
Kaustu rolled
her eyes and sat on a
little chair and Ayan walked in leaning on the
“Ayan and I want you
two to do us a favor”I
said unsure of my words,Ayan and I
didn’t practice for this.
“Uh,why can’t my
boyfriend and I do it?”
Kaustu emphasized the
boyfriend part
“Hey I’ve been looking
handsome these past
weeks”Bhai said
making sexy pose in
front of the mirror
“Did Shana say that
cause I’ve realized she
needs glasses,urgently” Bhai rolled his eyes at Kaustu’s comment and sat next to me on the bed.
“Anyways Kaustu,My
brother can’t help you
with what I’m looking
for”Ayan told her
“Can you two just tell
us what you want,I
have a girlfriend to kiss”
Jiggy said tapping his
foot impatiently.
“Ayan wants you two
to go on a blind date to
find a girl/boy for a
college assignment”I
told them smiling shyly
knowing I’d get the
what the fuck face
from them.
“Listen Sanyu I know
exactly what you’re
trying to do and it’s not
going to work,I’m
happy dating Sam and
apparently he’s happy
dating the fake tan
whore”Kaustu got up
and walked to the door
but I pushed her away.
“Kaustu I know you love Bhai and Bhai I know you can’t stand seeing Kaustu with Sam together and I really don’t understand why the hell you’re with the girl that wanted me to kill your nephew,are you out of your mind?”
Bhai and Kaustu looked
at each other sadly
“Babycakes she’s
changing,she’s a better
person now and if I
break up with her she’ll
go back to her old self”
I rolled my eyes and
moved my head surprised of the stupidity my bother just said.
“If she goes back to her oldself it means that she hasn’t change and will never change stop being so stupid”
“Sorry love but I’m not
breaking up with Sam”
Kaustu walked out the
door with Bhai closed
“What’s Plan B again?”
Ayan walked outside
and came back with
“We are going to use
Parth,he’d seduce
Shanaya and like the whore that she is she’s not going to resist this” He moved Parth’s head side to side smiling wide.
“Okay guys the meeting is over I need time with my lady”Randhir walked
in the room and dragged them out.
“No need to be so hard
on them”I smiled at
him as he walked up to
me but then the door
“Guys I told you I need
some time with my-”
“It’s me Randhir,more
respect.I’m your
mother”Mrs. Shekhawat walked in with my suitcases in her hand.
“You forgot these
Rd,and you called
yourself a boyfriend”
He stuck out his
tongue at his mother
and She slapped him
“Thank you Auntie,Anything
else?”I asked wanting
to be alone with Randhir
for a while.
“Yes actually,now that
your baby bump is
showing a bit,I was
wondering if maybe you
want to make a photo
shoot?”I opened my
eyes wide.She wanted
me to pose with some
of her masterpieces
that were bought
worldwide wow.
“Mom my girlfriend isn’t
going to pose for-”
“I’ll love too,when can I
do it?”
Randhir opened
his mouth wide and
stared at me while I
“Tomorrow early,I’ll
wake you up so you can
come and also you can
explore the company,
you’re going to love it”
She hugged me and I
hugged back smiling.
“I can’t believe I’m
going to be on a
magazine”I squealed