Sanyukta’s Pov
“I can’t believe I’m
going to be on a
magazine” I squealed
“And you’re going to be
the cover”I smiled even
wider if that was even
“Thanks”I huggd her
and Randhir pushed her out.
Literally pushed her out,He had no manners.
“Finally just you and
me”He came to kiss
me put I moved and layed down on my bed and turned the other
direction Randhir was
“What the hell Sanyu”I
turned around and smiled at him.
“I have to wake up
early tomorrow and
look like a princess so I
need my beauty sleep,
Goodnight I love you”I peckd his lips
and turned around again
and closed my eyes.I
heard him mutter something about his
mom being a wish
wrecker but I didn’t pay
attention to him.
Tomorrow’d be going to
be a big day;hopefully I
get to see celebrities.
I walked in the huge
building and saw a lot of people walking up and down.The place was enormous and
gorgeous.A lot of lights
and clothes all around.
“Good morning Mrs.
Shekhawat”I heard a lady said kissing Aunty’s cheek.
“Good morning Aliza,I
would like you to meet
my second daughter
Sanyukta”The lady hugged me and smiled pleasantly.
“Nice to meet you,
I’ve heard so much
about you.You’re having
Rd’s baby right?”I
smiled a bit and nodded.
What a reputation.“Well I’m Rd’s mom’s
assistant Aliza”
“Pleasure to meet you”
I told her looking around
one last time.
“Well I invited Sanyu to
wear some of the
pregnant clothes we
were working on so she
can have a photo
shoot”Mrs. Shekhawat told her as she went
through some folders.
“Uh yeah,Right now
they are working on the
Italian models.So Sanyu
can try on the dresses
and so on”She told
Mrs. Shekhawat and she nodded.I walked with Aunty to a dressing room.
“What’s your favorite
color?”One of the
workers asked me.
“I like pink,it’s my
favorite color”I said
after thinking a bit.She
nodded and left and
minutes later came
I looked at the dresses
and couldn’t believe my
eyes,they were
beautiful and I could wear any.
“You can only pick two
because there are more
clothes we want you to
wear”I nodded and
picked the two dresses
I liked the most and
wore it.
“You look gorgeous
Darling”Mrs. Shekhawat told me spinning me around and smiling.
“Thanks when can I
start?”I walked out
the dressing room.
“In a bit,The Italians
models are still on the
spot”I nodded and
picked up the phone
when I heard ‘Black veil
bride’s’ song as my phone’s ring tone.
“Hello”I didn’t finish
when Rohan’s loud voice
almost deaf me.
“Sanyukta Agarwal I
thought we were
friends but no it’s okay
you don’t consider me
as your best friends”
“What are you talking
about Rohan?”I asked
“You know fashion is
my life and you are out
there about to take
pictures with Mrs.
Shekhawat’s masterpieces”I
rolled my eyes as I pulled the phone away
from my ears not
wanting to go deaf for
“Calm down!I know Fashion is your life but I couldn’t call you to tell you”
“Don’t lie to me Sanyukta Agarwal”
“Rohan the call is breaking
up”I made funny
noises and hung up
since Mrs. Shekhawat
indicated to me that
they were all set.
I took a lot of pictures
that looked fabulous,
Rohan kept calling me but I ignored the calls.I met the Italians models that have worked with Tyra banks and more.
[ Girls,Tyra banks is an awesome supermodel of Italy. ]
After finishing I went home and took a shower.It
was about 7:50 when
Shanaya and Jignesh,and
Kaustuki and Samir wanted to watch a movie and asked Randhir and I to
“So what movie are we
going to watch”Kaustu
asked throwing herself
on the couch.
“Well we are all
couples here so let’s
watch the notebook”
Jiggy suggested being
the romantic that he was!
“The notebook it is”I
said entering the CD on
the DVD.
“What’s up my good
people”The door
opened behind of us and Parth walked in.
“Parth?What are you
doing here?”Shanaya asked annoyed of seeing him.
“Sanyu texted me.she
told me you guys were
going to watch a
movie”He said not
moving from in front
the door.
“But we are here as a
couple and you don’t
have one”Shanaya said
with an attitude.Like
everything she says.
“Who told you I don’t?
Meet my girlfriend Carla”We all looked
behind of us to see a
girl with brown eyes
and beautiful long hair.
“Good night everyone”
She smiled at us and
we all smiled at her
except for Shana who
“Babe these are my
friends and not so
friends,friendsand not
so friends this is
Carla” She giggled and
waved a little.
“Well Parth don’t just
stand there,come in”
Ayan said walking
down the stairs smiling.
“And you must be
Carla,Nice to meet
you,Parth has told me so much about you”Ayan hugged her and Shana looked at them furiously.
“Why don’t we sit
down and get ready to
watch the movie it’s
about to begin”Kaustu
said and Parth,Carla
and Ayan sat on the
“I’m going to make
some pop-corn and
bring some snack,Ayan and Parth care to
join me?”They got up
& followed me to the