Sanyukta’s Pov
“The plan is going
perfectly”Ayan said
excitedly as he put the
popcorn in the
“But Parth who is that girl ?”
I asked curiously.Parth
did told us he would find a girl but so quick.
“She’s a friend of
mines,she wants to be
involved in the fashion
industry so I told her I
know someone and she
said she’ll help me out
with our plan”Parth told
me smiling wide.
There’s no doubt that
he loved Shanaya but she’s such a Bad person.
“Awesome! did you tell
her what she has to
do”Ayan asked taking
out the popcorn from
the microwave.
“Yeah and she’s the
sweetest girl ever and
she knows how to flirt
perfectly”Ayan and I
smiled then I took
some drinks from the
“Well let’s go,we don’t
want them to think we
are up to something”
Ayan said and we
nodded and walked out
the kitchen.
“Did you miss me too
much baby?” Parth
asked Carla and she
nodded with a sad face.
“Of course I did baby
you know I can’t live
without you” She
kissed him and it
almost turned into a
make out session but
Shanaya cleared her throat.
“Can we get on to the
movie”Jiggy looked at
her weirdly then at Parth.
“What are you,Parth
and Ayan up to?”
Randhir whispered in my ears.
“What do you mean
baby?”I asked
innocently placing my
head on his chest.
“You guys are up to
something and I need
to know now”Randhir
said seriously but I
smiled nicely.
“Nothing baby let’s
watch the movie”And
with that he turned to
the screen and I did the
Samir’s POV
I lookd at Carla and
realized she was pretty
damn hot,Her hair was
long just how I liked it,
her eyes were beautiful and her body?
Don’t get me started
on that tiny butt of her.
I tried to concentrate
on the movie but She was a terrible
distraction not that
Kaustu wasn’t but Carla was hot.I did like Kaustu and a lot,I’ve tried to settle for her and I’s still trying but god damn,Carla was
“Are you enjoying the
movie baby?”Kaustu
asked looking up to me
since she was leaning
on my shoulder.
“I am,love,but mostly
because I’m watching it
with you”Kaustu smiled
and the rest told me to
shut up.I looked at
Carla and saw her
winking at me
Oh Sam control yourself,control yourself
I tried to snap out of it
but I looked over at her
again and she blew me
a kiss.Man,was this girl a whore or what having
her boyfriend right next
to her and doing this?
The entire movie
Carla winked at me or
blew me a kiss and looked at me seductively and
ofcourse being the
player that I was I did
the same.Wait!until
she’s alone,the things
I’ll do with her.
“Well the movie is over,
I’ll go to the kitchen and
come back”Sanyu said
getting up and stretching.
“I’ll go with you”Ayan
said and he accompanied Sanyu as well as Parth.Well here’s my chance.
“Carla maybe I can
give you a tour around
the house?You’ll love it”
I said as nice as
“Why don’t Parth do
that,after all he
knows the house very
well”Kaustu said
hugging me.
“Come on baby,I know
the house more and it’s
no bother for me to do
it”She accepted and
I walked with Carla
away from every one
Sanyukta’s POV
“The plan is going
perfectly”I squealed.
“I know,I lookd over
at Sam and saw the
stupid face he made
every time Carla winkd
at him or blew him a
kiss”Ayan said and
we laughd.
“Yeah and the way
Shana looked at Parth any time he kissed her or sweet talk to her”I
added as we laughd again.
“Well soon enough,Sam
will fall for Carla and
will screw up and Shana
will realize I’m the love
of her life,Thanks for
helping me with this.I
know thanks to you
guys this plan will
“What the hell did you
say Parth?”I turned
around to see Kaustu
with her eyes widen
looking at us confused
and angry.
“What Plan are you
talking about”She
walked up to us looking
at us suspiciously.
“Well,Uh.We were
planning on finding a girl
for… Kunal!We don’t
want him to feel lonely”
I snapped my finger and smiled at Parth.
“Right!”Kaustu continued to look at us
suspiciously but smiled
after all.
“Cool what about you
Ayan,You don’t want
a girl too”She walked up
to him and leaned on
the kitchen table the
same way Ayan was
“I prefer being single”
He answered while
taking a handful of the
popcorn that was left.
“Why such a handsome
young boy wants to be
single,that’s weird.”
Kaustu touched his hair
sexily but he pushed her away.
“I’m waiting for the
right boy,Uh.Girl.Right
girl” He blushed and we
“Parth!Thanks for
telling me about your
girlfriend,I thought we
were friends.The entire
Florida knew before
me”Kaustu protested
sitting on the kitchen
“It was something that
happened and now you
know baby,so forgive
me?”Parth walked up to Kaustu and picked her up from the counter.
“Fine but put me down
and let’s go find your
girl and my boy”Parth
and Kaustu left leaving
Ayan and I staring at
“So?Should we go
sleep?”He asked
me,I nodded and
walked upstairs to my
room leaving the others