Randhir’s POV
My alarm clock beeped
for the second time and
I finally pressed it.It’s
about 6 and I’ve decided to make breakfast for Sanyu.Actually the maids
will do it and I’ll bring it
up for her…
I brushed my
teeth and walked
downstairs in pajamas
and woke up the maids
and told them to make
something quickly to
eat.When they finished
I brought it upstairs for
“Good morning sweetie
pie”I kissed her cheek
and she opened her
eyes and sat up on the
bed as I give her the
food tray.
“Aww baby good
morning,is this for
me?”She asked kissing
my cheek and looking
down at the food tray.
“Of course love.I want
us to spend the entire
day together watching
TV and hugging all day”
She smiled and take a sip of the juice.I sat next to her on the bed and looked at her.
“So it’s going to be like
a lazy day? But I’m sure
we have things to do.”
Sanyu stuffed some bacon in my mouth.
“The only thing we
have to do is be
together and I was also
thinking that we can go
on a date.You know we
never had the chance to
go on a date.”
“What? But we went
sailing almost everyday
and watched movies and so on in Hawaii”Sanyu
placed the tray on the
side table and layed down next to me.
“Yeah but I want us to
watch TV the whole
day,eat,kiss,hug and
then tonight we can
have dinner at a
restaurant”I made a
puppy dog face and she
smiled and nodded.
“Fine! I’ll go take a
shower and get dressed”She made an
attempt to get up but I
hold her back.
“No can do sweetheart,
we’ll stay in our Pajamas until we are
ready for dinner. :pAgree?”
She scrunched up her nose but ended up nodding.
“Can you tell me how
we are going to be
together alone without
any disturbance?” She
asked drinking her juice
with one sip.
“Well I have this ‘Busy’
sign that I hung out the
door and then no one
can disturb us”I got up
and look in the closet
for the sign
“And you think that will
work?”I opened the
door and hung it on the
nail I had especially for
the sign.
“It always worked.
When I wanted to be
alone I locked up in here
with my gfs I did
the same and no one
dared to even knock”I
jumped on the bed laying down next to Sanyu.
“But I’m not just any
girlfriend you had”she
placed her head on my
chest and I turned on
the TV.
“I know you’re not.You’re the person that changed me,the light in my world”I smiled and kissed her forehead.
“What are we going to
watc-”She stopped when we heard loud
music Sam was playing
in his room.We could
literally get deaf by the
loud sound
“What the hell?I’m
going to turn that shit
down right now”I
walked out the room
and walked in Sam’s
room to find him and
Kaustuki making out like they were about to eat eachother.
“Can you turn that fuck
down?Sanyu and I are
trying to have a
peaceful day”Sam
ignored me since he
continued to kiss her
so I turned off the radio myself
“Rd why the hell
you turned it off?”
“If you turn on that shit so loud again,I swear I’ll throw it out the window and I’m not even kidding”I stomped out and walked in my
room obviously pissed
“I think we should do
this another day”Sanyu
told me while I got
under the covers and
changed the channel to
whereever SpongeBob
was on.
“No!I want to do this
today and today it is”I
smiled and Sanyu and I
relaxed and watched a
SpongeBob marathon.
We spent the entire
morning watching
SpongeBob then
changed the channel,where scary good movies were on most of the time.’Saw 4′ was on and we watched it,I looked over at Sanyu and
saw her eating the pop-
corn never looking away
from the TV.
“Liking the movie,baby?”Shenodded not
even glancing at me.At
this point I’s more
than bored.I took my
phone and lookd at the
time and saw its 5pm
“I think we should start
getting ready”
“Uh yeah,you go first.This movie is best”I rolled my eyes and took the remote control and turned off the TV.
“Randhir!I was
watching that”she
tried to take the
remote control away
from me but I ran in the bathroom
“You’ll get it if you come shower with me” I shouted from inside the bathroom.I heard her sigh while knocking on the door
“Fine!Open the door”I
opened the door softly
and she tackled me to
the ground.
“Sanyu who’d do that”
I lookd up at her
surprised as she smiled
at me sitting on top of
me holding my hands.
“What I want,I get”
She winked at me and
got up walking out the
door but instead I got
up quickly and locked
the door.
“What I want,I also
get and right now I
want us to shower
together”I smiled and
tried to kiss but she
moved away from me
then looked at me angrily.
“You better buy me the
movie.”I winked at
her and placed the
remote control on a
little table and Sanyu and I showered together
After about half an
hour we got out and
got dressed.
“Ready to go princess”
She glared at me when
she saw the movie had
ended the same exact
time we were leaving.
laughed and we walked
out the room and