Randhir’s POV
“Where are you two
going after spending
the whole day in a
room?”My mother asked us smiling.
“We are having Dinner
out.Bye mom,Love
Sanyu and I walked
out hand in hand and I
smiled because it’d been a while since I’d told my mother I love her and I’s sure she’s
smiling even wider.
“Where to?” Sanyu asked buckling up her seatbelt.
“A fancy place my dad
told me about.You are
going to love it”I pecked
her lips and drove to the place my dad told me about.
“So you love your mom
huh?And we are going
to a fancy place,you
treated me like a queen
and even made breakfast for me.
What’s your name again,B’coz it’s not Randhir.”
She smiled at me and I
laughed at her comment.
It’s quite weird doing all
of this for her,and it
felt so right.
“It is Randhir,A
new me”She chuckled
and looked out the
“I think you’re Randhir’s
good twin”I turned the
corner to the restaurant and parked
in the parking area.I got
out and quickly opened
the door for her.
“Let’s start over.Hello
there,I’m Randhir
Singh Shekhawat,Nice to meet you”I took her hand and helped her out of the car.
“It’s a pleasure,Randhir
& I’m Sanyukta”She
smiled widely and I did
the same right after
laughing out loud
We walked in the
restaurant and ordered
food and drinks.The
restaurant was fancy and classy,mostly adults were here.There were lights and decoration and silent music playing.
Sanyu and I were sitting,where you could clearly see outside.
“Thanks for today,I
really enjoyed being lazy
with you”Sanyu smiled at me and I took a sip of my coke.
“I enjoyed today too,it
was amazing we should do it again”
“Totally!”I checked my
phone then looked up
when I heard rain drops
then it started to rain
“Wow,it’s raining.This
is the perfect night”
Sanyu nodded and we kissed but we were
interrupted by the lady
who came with our
“Thanks”Sanyu thanked her and we ate calmly.
“Hey did you know,
next week is Ayan and
Shanaya’s birthday”She
looked at me shocked
and almost choked.
“Really?Why aren’t
they talking about it?” I turned off my phone since it was vibrating people texting me and I wanted to be in peace.
“B’coz tomorrow will
be officially a week for
their birthday so
tomorrow you’ll see
Shanaya going crazy for her sweet 21”Sanyu laughed and
I did the same.
“Huh?”I looked up at her and she smiled then hold my hand
“I love you”she
whispered softly but I
heard her clear enough.
“I love you even more”
She leaned in and I did
the same and we
kissed passionately,we
heard fireworks and we
pulled away thinking we
were crazy.
“It’s Florida’s
governor birthday
today,that’s why
there’s fireworks”One
of the workers told us
then walked away
“This day couldn’t be
better”Sanyu and I kissed again hearing the
Sanyukta’s Pov
–Shanaya and Ayan’s Birthday–
Today was the big big day for Shana and Ayan and no Randhir
wasn’t wrong about
Shanaya going crazy about her birthday.She’s been
talking and talking
about her birthday the
whole week and Ayan
hasn’t even smiled the
whole day today.She
made her parents
prepare everything for
her birthday today and
guess what? It’s Friday
and a major party will
begin tonight at 7pm
and the house right
now looks like a palace.
“Why aren’t you happy
for tonight?”I asked
Ayan,trying to blow a
balloon since I’ve been
helping the maids all the
“Why should I?We
celebrate our birthday
every year this is just
another one”I opened
my mouth wide not
believing they celebrate
their birthday every
year when I’ve
celebrated mines like 3
“Well this is huge,it’s
the sweet 21!”Ayan
rolled his eyes and took
a sip of his lemonade.
“I don’t care and Shanaya has been bitching about her birthday the entire
week that makes me
be unexcited about
“Ugh whatever It’s a
dead cause to make
you happy today.”
Ayan laughed and I rolled my eyes.
“Not really there is one
thing that can make me
happy tonight”Ayan
said smiling cockily and I
wondered what’s he
thinking about?
“I know its Rohan,isn’t
it?”I laughed jokingly but I saw him turning red.
“Of course not!It’s
something else and if
you’re wondering why
I’m blushing it’s
because I’m thinking
about what can make
me happy?”
“I know its not Rohan you have to be gay to like him and you’re not”I looked at him and he blushed again giving me a shy look.
“And you are not
gay right?”I asked
scared of the answer.
“Actually I am.Sorry I
didn’t tell you before”I
looked at him shocked
with my hand covering
my mouth then the
door bell rang.
“I’ll get it”Kunal said
walking down the stairs and opening the door revealing Parth and Rohan.
“Hello pregnant lady and
birthday boy”Rohan said
walking in and kissing
my cheek and touching
Ayan’s hair.
“Hello my adorable yet
annoying gay friend”I
stick out my tongue at
him and he glared at
-T.B.C. —