Sanyukta’s Pov
“This place looks
amazing!The maids
never fail to surprise
me”Parth looked around
shocked before sitting
with us on the steps.
“Actually the maids
didn’t do everything;Mr.
Shekhawat called a special group to decorate the
house however Shana
and Ayan wanted it”
“But everything was
made like how Shana
wanted it since she’s a
selfish bitch and most
of the things I said they didn’t do”Ayan sighed and I tappd his back feeling sorry for the kind of twin he has.
“Good morning”
Randhir walked in the
house with Sam and
him holding the giant
birthday cake.
“Finally something
interesting that comes
in this house”Kunal
said smiling walking
with the boys to the
“So where’s Shana?”Rohan asked taking a handful of balloons ready to blow them.
“With Tanya and Mom in LA looking for the
perfect dress and
Ayan’s perfect suit”
Randhir said walking up
to us with Sam and
Kunal close behind.
Randhir peckd my lips & greeted the others.
“Ayan should be there
but his stubborn ass
isn’t letting him”Ayan
stick out his tongue and
I blew him kiss
“This place is so busy
today,you guys know
anything about my
taking Ayan’s lemonade
and finishing it
“I think you just drinked
HER”Ayan said pissed
off which caused us to
“She told me she’s not
coming until tonight,she
said she has to look
beautiful for tonight
and refuse to show up
before the party”Parth
rolled his eyes when he
said that and I wasn’t
surprise to hear what
he said.
“Sanyu,Can we talk in
private?”Rohan asked me and I instantly looked at Ayan and saw him blush.
“Sure let’s go hang
these balloons around
the pool”We got up
with our hands full of
balloons and walked to
the backyard and gave
the maids the balloons
and sat down on a chair
“What do we need to
talk about?”I lookd at
him who was sitting
next to me on another
chair looking at me
“I don’t know if
you know but I kind of
like Ayan”He said
shyly playing with his
“I know you like him
and a lot,but what do
you want me to do?”I
smiled at him looking
closely at the maids as
they decorate outside.
“Well I want to find out
If he’s gay and if he is,I
want to ask him out
tonight and if he’s not,I
want you to get a gun
ready so I can shoot
myself”I burstd out
laughing not only of
what he said but
because he said it so
“Well I might be saving
your life since I know
something you don’t”I
smiled mischievously at
him and he looked at
me weirdly.
“And that may be?”he
asked concerned and I
smirkd at him then
looked around making
sure noone could hear
what I was about to
“I’ll tell you,if you help
me out with something
first”I whispered to
him and looked around
before saying any word
“And what is that”He
whispered back but said it like I was retarded and deaf
“Ayan and I decided
that tonight Shana and
Jigy,Kaustu and Sam
are going to break up
tonight”I whispered
the last part.
“Fine I’ll help but can
you please tell me what
you found out?”
“Well Ayan told me
that he is Gay”Rohan
opened his mouth with
a smile on his face and
jumped on me and kissd me saying thank you.
“Thanks for what?”I
asked trying to push
him away from my lap
“B’coz you just saved
my life!Tonight Ayan
will have the best
birthday ever”He
almost shouted and I
finally pushed him away
from me.
“And why will tonight
be the best birthday
ever?”Ayan asked
walking up to us.
“I’ll just let Rohan tell you”
I winkd at him and
walked away.I went to
my room and found
Randhir in only his boxers.
“Hello sexy”I told him
sexily and peckd his lips
“You look quite sexy in
those tight boxers”I
winkd at him and he
wrapped his arms
around my waist.
“If you continue looking
at me like that,you will
turn me on and I’m not
going to be responsible
for the pain,you will go
through”I laughd at his
comment and he let go
of me & walkd to his
drawer and bend over
to open it and I tapped
his ass.
“I’m not afraid of you”I said sexily causing him
to turn around and walk
up to me picking me up
and throwing me on the
“We’ll see about that”I
pushed him away &
laughd getting up from
the bed.
“We have a lot of things to do babe,there’s no
time for us to do this”I
told him seriously trying
hard not to laugh at the
face he made
“But you turned me on
now you pay for the
“Sorry love not now”I
told him looking in the
closet for his clothes
and throwing them on
the bed so he can get
dressed quick.
After 2 hrs of doing
my hair and looking for
a decent dress to wear
I found nothing decent
until Rohan walked in my room and gave me a box and walked out.I
opened the box and found a beautiful dress
and a little note-
Thanks for telling me
about Ayan now I will
have the chance to
make him and myself happy and also thanks for being such a nice friend,hope you like the dress which I’m sure you will and wear it tonight or else.Love
you Sanyu.