Sanyukta’s Pov
I smiled widely and
decided to wear it since
I didn’t want to know
the or else of Rohan
It’s now 6:52 and I could hear the music from downstairs. Before wearing the dress I told
Randhir to get ready
first then wait for me
outside while I get
dressed and he did.I
got dressed and made
sure I look better than I
have ever looked.
I looked in the mirror one last time and told Randhir to come in.
“Wow!You look,
Stunning”Randhir smiled
at me and spinned me
“You really think so?”I
askd looking down at my dress smiling shyly at him.
“You do!You might even
look better than Shana
after all”
I laughed and he
did the same.
“That’s impossible,but
you look sophisticated
and neat.I’m surprised”
He smiled proudly and
spinned around in front of me.I smiled looking at his black tux.
I swore he looked like
such a good boy,who
knew behind that smirk
and bad boy look could
really be a loving sweet
“So ready to go downstairs,halfthe
college is here already?”
I raised an eyebrow.
“Shana invited them
before summer
vacation”I nodded and
we walked hand in hand
Downstairs ‘I LIKE IT’ was playing and people were dancing and some were just standing talking to people.
Walking down the stairs,I realized the place looked way better than when I left it 5 hours ago.The
stairs was decorated with Balloons and other
decorations with Shana
and Ayan’s favorite
colors which were Pink
and Blue.
The couch that was once there was gone leaving enough space for people to dance and so on.At the roof there were balloons and different kinds of decoration.The
whole house was Blue and Pink.
“SANYU!”Kaustu shouted once she saw me and we hugged each other then she let go and looked at me.
“Sanyu you
look beautiful”she
“You look even more
Kaustu”I hugged her
again then I spinned her
I spotted Rohan
and Parth and Kaustu and I walked up to them.
“Look at these beautiful girls”Parth said when he saw us and Rohan smiled
widely when he saw
me with the dress.
“The dress look absolutely beautiful on
you” Rohan and I hugged;I whispered ‘thanks’ to him.
The music finally
stopped and the DJ
announced that the
birthday boy and girl
were about to come
“Hey guys” We all
turned around and saw
Carla smiling at us
with a glass in her hand. I couldn’t help to stare at how beautiful she
looked with the light pink dress that fit
perfectly with her waist.
The DJ played a soft
song as Ayan and
Shanaya walked down the stairs.
Shanaya’s pink long
dress,shined and looked
amazing on her and
Ayan looked very
handsome with his
Jiggy was waiting at
the bottom of the
stairs for Shana and
Carla volunteered to
wait for Ayan at the
bottom of the stairs
I looked over at Kaustu
and saw her smile
“That could have been Parth but you didn’t want that”
She rolled her eyes
and I saw tears about
to stream down her
“I so want to kill your
brother right now” Parth said with venom in each word.
“I’m sorry”I whispered
and looked as Shana took the last step and Bhai smiled at her and kissed her and everyone starting to clap.
“I hate this party” Both
Parth and Kaustu said at the same time and I
felt sad immediately.
“Happy Birthday
Ayan!”I hugged Ayan
and kissed his cheek with a giant smile on my face.
“Thank you so much Sanyu and you look wonderful”
Ayan smiled and I
Kaustu and
Parth told him happy
birthday and Rohan had
“Aren’t you going to tell
your brother happy
birthday”I whispered in
Rd’s ears and saw
him make a face.
“Happy Birthday..”Randhir said
with a simple smile and
shook his hand.
“Thanks Randhir”
“Hug! Hug! Hug! Hug!”
Parth,Kaustu and I said
and they finally hugged
and we all clapped
“I’m going to talk to
Shana,want to come?” I shook my head no and
he left finally giving me
some privacy.
“Kaustu why don’t you
go look for Rohan”She
nodded and walked
away and Parth sighed.
“So when will we start
with Plan C?”He
shouted from the noise of the music.
“Why don’t you try to
talk to Shana about her
and Parth and I don’t
know try to conclude
something?”I asked
Ayan and he blinked
several times.
“Me?Talk to Shana?
Don’t you remember
we treat each other like
Strangers?”I shook the
idea of Ayan possibly
talking to Shana.
“Fine! I’ll go talk with
Bhai and Kaustu.
Tonight I’ll definitely
have them kissing”I
walked away and
looked for Bhai and
found him talking to my
“Sanyu sweetie,look at
you!You look beautiful”
She pulled me into a hug
and hugged me tightly
and I couldn’t breathe
“I… can’t… breathe…
Mom”I pushed her
lightly and took a deep
“I’m sorry sweetie,I
just really missed you.
How are you?”She
asked with the most
worried face ever.
“I’m good thanks for
calling everyday and
visit me once in a while”
I said sarcastically and
rolled my eyes then
looked away from her..