“Can we get our
daily orders?”Sara
asked the waiter
and he nodded
ma’am”He said in a
bored tone and
went back to the
This was their daily
routine-Sara and her
mom,daily used to
visit this coffee
shop for discussing
their views about
their daily
routine,life and
what not!
Today also,Sara and
her mother were
sitting in the
shop,and were
involved in their
chattering routine.
She noticed her
mother’s beautiful
lips moving while
she form words in
her conversation
with Sara.
Her beautifully
curved lips,where
Sara couldn’t stop
staring at.
Once,she too had
such beautiful
lips,ofcourse before
that terrible
accident took place.
An accident left a
scar on the left side
of her upper and
lower lip and on her
perception of
“I don’t want to
you,Sara,”her mom
whispered,“but that
man over there is
staring at you.”
ra demanded
anxiously. She was
not used to that
sort of attention.
“He’s at that table
over there,”her
mother tilted her
head to the left of
the restaurant.
“I don’t see
“Don’t worry–he’s
He leaned over the
table and smiled at
the ladies.His brown
eyes looked over
their meal and he
casually asked if
they enjoyed it.
“Yes–yes,it was
very good,”Sara
started, making
sure that he’d see
her face’s right
side ,switching
glances between
him and her mother.
“I couldn’t help but
notice your
gorgeous smile
from across the
room;it lights the
whole room up–
Sara could not
believe what was
her mother was
just smiling and
staring at the man.
Of all things–she
thought–my smile?
He continued,“You
seem like a very
nice person and
would love to treat
you to dinner,if
you’d like,”he
handed her a
business card with
his name and phone
She was still in
shock as he walked
away.Her mother
was looking at the
business card,held
tightly in her hand.
His name was Ayan
and he was in the
business.Sara was
most intrigued
about the way he
approached her in
front of her
mother.His approach
stayed in her mind
as she texted him
for the first
exchanged texts for
several weeks and
they discovered
they both had much
in common:they
both attempted
painting but decided
to admire the art
from afar,both had
dogs and loved
them dearly,both
had a passion for
literature and
exchanged bedside
books with one
another under the
condition that the
books not be
written on or dog-
eared.Their first
meeting consisted
of a simple cup of
coffee and hours of
conversations about
the books they rent
each other.
In all of the
outings,Sara was
able to keep the left
side of her upper lip
out of Ayan’s sight.
‘He’s too kind to say
or do anything
regarding my lip, but
what would he
think?’She thought
to herself.
It was around the
fourth meeting that
they decided to go
out to see a play.It
was Shakespeare’s
Twelfth Night.
“How did you like
the play?”he asked.
“I loved
it;Shakespeare was
a genius!”
“I thought it was
brilliant that he had
the ‘foolish’ jester
make some of the
wisest remarks in
the play.”
Sara laughed with
his last
laughed heartily and
quickly hid her left
side of her face by
jumping to his left
side,only exposing
the right side of her
face.Ayan had
noticed her quick
movements since
their first meeting
but did not want to
say anything;he
thought it was
adorable.It was
another part of her
quirky personality
that he was falling
in love with.
“Can I ask you
began. Except
that,she hoped.
“Why do you move
around suddenly
when you’re with
me?”he inquired
kindly with a grin.
She expected that
question at some
point. She thought
long and hard how
to answer. Should I
tell him the truth?
Would he
understand? She
finally reasoned
with herself that if
he truly cared about
her,such a thing as
a scar on her lip
would not affect his
feelings toward her.
She positioned
herself under a
lamppost to allow
him to see what
she was about to
tell him.
“The truth is…I have
a scar…on my lip and
I am very self-
conscious about
it”she took a deep
His eyes looked at
the small scar on
the left side of her
upper lip.He gently
touched it with his
right hand and
“Is that all?”he
sounded relieved.
He lifted his right
hand up in front of
Sara. “When I was
thirteen I had a
pretty bad injury on
my right hand,”he
began,pointing to
the ring and small
finger on his hand.
“My fingers and
knuckles never
healed properly and
now I can’t bend
them all the
way,see?”He tried
to bend all four
fingers down but
only the index and
middle fingers were
able to do so.Sara
“I was hoping you
notice,”she started.
“Well,now I know
and it doesn’t
matter,”he looked
into her eyes and
kept them there for
a while. Sara still
looked embarrassed
and unconvinced.
“Do you mind about
my hand?Does it
affect the way I
caress your face?
No,the same way
your kiss still sends
me out of this
world. You are you –
and that includes all
the little
‘imperfections’ you
think you may
have.” He motioned
his fingers to signal
quotation marks.
“See?I can’t even do
that right!”
Sara chuckled..and
He kissed her mid-
someone in the mid
of a laugh is very
special and I may
say after that kiss
they lived happily