Sanyukta’s Pov
“We need to talk Bhai,now”I pulled him away from my mom completely ignoring her and she followed us.
“Please Sanyu,we need to talk.”She said following behind of Jiggy and I.
“Sorry Mom,I’m busy.
Wait!Should I call you
mom?I don’t think so.
Bye”I continued to
walk with Jiggy and
lost her in the crowd.
“You can’t avoid her
forever Sanyu”Jiggy said stopping in the kitchen away from all the noise.
“Watch me.Now we
need to talk about…
Wait here”I walked into
the living room and
looked around for
Kaustu and spotted her
with Carla.I waved
my hand so she can see
me but she didn’t.
“KAUSTU!”I shouted and she finally saw me and walked up to me.I hold her arm and pulled her into the kitchen.
“Now,we need to talk” I made them
both sit on a stool.
“Not this again Sanyu,I
have a girlfriend”Jiggy
glared at me and I rolled
my eyes at him.
“Listen,Shanayais a
conceited bitch that
doesn’t care about
anyone;Samir is a player
that has been flirting
with every girl,now you
two have to be together.It’s now or
never.Now kiss”
They looked at each other,then kissed passionately.I opened my eyes wide not believing how easy
it was to have them to
I danced with excitement,thenI heard someone
“So this is how it’s
going to be Jignesh?”
Kaustu and Jiggy
stopped kissing and I
looked behind of me and saw Shana almost crying.
“No Shana,you don’t
“Oh!I understand well.
Thanks for telling me
we are over cruelly.And
you Sanyukta,you are going to pay for this”She pointed at me and stomped out leaving us there shocked.
“And you call yourself
nice,making me break
up with my girlfriend at
her sweet 21”Jiggy
walked away muttering
something about “some sister he has” and Kaustu walked away happily.
“Bhai! But you kissed
her,I didn’t force you”I
shouted and suddenly
someone tappd my
“What just happened?”
Rohan asked licking a
lollipop which made me
“Bhai and Kaustu just
kissed and Shana saw
them”I told him sitting
on the stool staring at
the way he licked the
“That’s amazing”He
said happily sitting on
the stool next to me.
“No!She threaten me
and now Bhai hates
me”He made a what
the hell face and I looked at him sadly.
“Why does he hate you,
he finally got rid of her”
“I don’t know people
can never be happy,life
is pretty unfair”He
nodded and got up from
the stool and I did the
“Have you seen Ayan?
I have a mega surprise
for him in the backyard?”He smiled and I laughed at how he
wiggled his eyebrows.
“I saw him with
Carla.Hey have you
seen Tanya?”He opened the refrigerator & took a glass of water
“Yeah,I saw her with
Sam a while back,why?”He asked dipping
the lollipop in the water
and licking it.Gross.
“I’m just trying to be
aware of anything she
might be planning”
“Oh well,I’ll go look for
Ayan.You take care
doll”He walked away
and I sighed.
Shanaya’s POV
explain”I heard Jiggy
shout from behind of
me and he pulled my
arm while I was
walking towards my
“No need to explain.I
know now you feel
proud you made Shana
Shekhawat cry over a guy for the first time”I wiped the tear that somehow managed to form in my eyes.
“I just want to say I’m
sorry I ruined your
sweet 21,you deserve
better than me and
eventhough I hate to
admit it,but Sanyu is right,I belong with Kaustu and you belong with Parth”
“Don’t even mention
that hoe Sanyu,she came into Rd’s life to ruin the Shekhawat’sfamily,I hate her and I hate you”I shouted in his face and hit his chest hard but he hold my arm.
“This has nothing to do
with Sanyu.I did what I did because I wanted to.I’m sorry and just
forgive me please”I
turned around not
wanting to face him
and thought about
what he said.
After all he was right,I did belong with Parth & I loved him.I liked Jiggy but our relationship was just a pasttime & I
really missed Parth.
“No way am I forgiving
you,this is the worst
Sweet 21 ever.Thanks
a lot”I walked away
and bumped into Parth.I
looked back at Jiggy
and he wasn’t there.
“I heard what happened”Parth told me sitting on the bench we had in the hallway.
“I’m not surprised.I’m
sure even Barack Obama knows about
Jiggy cheating on me”I
told him pissed off and
sat down next to him on the bench.
“I’m sorry but I always
knew this would
happen I mean,Jiggy
and Kaustu have to be
together it’s always
been like that and You
and me..”He looked at
me and I smiled.
“You and I should be
together too,I’m so
sorry that I broke up
with you”I got up from
the bench.
“I broke up with you”
He got up too and I hit
him playfully.
“Same thing.Anyways
I’m sorry for hurting
you,I know I did.Maybe
you can forgive me
since it’s my birthday”I
winked and pulled me
closer to him
“I forgive you and one
thing.You look beautiful,
like a princess”He
whispered in my ears
and I smiled.
“Want to be my
prince?”I asked leaning
in to kiss him.
“I’d love too”
& we kissed