Shanaya’s Pov
I felt butterflies
again.Yes,the bitch
Shana feeling butterflies but I actually love Parth,
we’ve been together
for so long.I can’t
believe we actually
broke up but now I’ll
forget about how
terrible my party was
going and I’ll try to
enjoy myself.
“Wanna dance?”He
asked and I nodded.
We walked downstairs
and danced all night
long.The party ended
up being not so bad,but
it could have been
better.I forgot about
Jiggy and tried to enjoy
myself and god,did I
get a lot of gifts?
Since I was in a good mood for the first time I told Ayan happy birthday and he hugged me,someone was happy today.
After hours and hours of partying,peoplebegan to leave.I
walked upstairs to fix my hair a bit and when I was walking down I
saw Sanyu about to go
down the stairs.
She looked back & walkd back up to me
with a smile on her
face.Its time to wipe
that horrible smile off
her face.I haven’t
forgotten about her
being the one who
made me cry because
of Jigy now its
payback time
“I wanted to say that
I’m sorry for shouting
at you and bitching at
you,I was just really
mad”I looked
downstairs and saw a
lot of people didn’t
leave yet.
“It’s okay I can totally
understand and happy
birthday,you look really
beautiful”I smiled
sweetly at her and lookd at her dress.Not bad at all.
“Thanks you look good
yourself.I hope you can
forgive me and one day
we can be friends after
all you are having my
smiled and I tried to
fake smile more sweetly.
“Thanks and I’m sure
we will,now let’s enjoy
the party”she tried to
walk away but I hold
her back.
“Wait,I want to take a
picture of you.I want
to remember you on
that dress forever”She
took three steps back
and I took a picture of
her with my phone,I
lookd at it and smiled.
“Perfect!”She smiled
and walkd towards me,
when she was about to
take a step to walk
downstairs,I put my
foot in front of her and
she tripped.
I looked as
she rolled down the
stairs and smiled evilly
then heard her collapsed hard at the end of the stairs.
“SANYU!”I shouted with a worried face and
everyone ran to her and
I ran down the stairs
almost flying with the
most worried face.Well
that’s what happend
when a bitch try to
play with another bitch
I hope,I killed that
Randhir’ POV
I lookd at Sanyu lying on the bed lifeless;tears were streaming down my face non-stop.Since
Last night I’ve been
here waiting for her to
wake up but nothing
happend.Everyone left
last night and I stayed
here.The doctors said
they din’t know when
she wud wake up and
were waiting for the
results to know if the
baby was fine.
“Please Sanyu,you have to wake up”I said stupidly to her knowing she wasn’t listening.I was still holding her hands & slept next to her on a chair holding her hands.
I lookd at the clock and
saw it was 10:00 am.
Last night I didn’t sleep
just looking at her and
for the first time in my
life praying to who
people call god.I just
cudn’t understand how
she tripped or maybe
Shana was lying but she cudn’t be lying she’s my sister and I refused to think she’d hurt Sanyu.
“Sanyu!How could this
happen.Wake up and
tell me you’re alrite”Sanyu’s
mom walked in the
room shouting like a
lunatic and crying her
eyes out
“Please Mrs. Sharma
calm down”I told her
still holding Sanyu’s hands & tears streaming down my face.
“How did this happen
and why didn’t you call
me last night.Jignesh told me this morning”She
said stroking Sanyu’s hair & shaking madly.
“I was too worried to
remember about calling,
we just rushed here”
She walked to the side I was & I got up &
hugged her letting go of
Sanyu’s hand for the first time.
“I can’t believe this is
happening,I just hope
we can get through this
and get back to being
happy”I hugged her
tighter and closed my
eyes not wanting to
imagine losing Sanyu or the baby.
“I’ll get some coffee and go talk to the doctor,stay with
her”She let go of the
hug and Kissed Sanyu’s
cheek then left.
“Sanyu you have to wake up,I need to see your smile,your lovely eyes.I just need you Sanyu”I laid my head down on the bed and closed my eyes
“Please god,I promise if
she wakes up I’ll be a
good boy and treat her
like a princess.Plz let the baby & her be
“Ra-Randhir”I looked up
quickly when I heard her voice,I smiled like crazy and squeezed her hands.
“Sanyu!Sanyu you’re awake”I saw her openin her eyes clearly & I tackled her into a hug carefully.She smiled a bit then looked at me worried
baby?Is the baby
alright?”She said
panicking trying to sit
up.I pushed her back
lightly so she can lay
down again but she
tried to get up.
“You have to lay down
Sanyu!And the doctors
hasn’t said anything
about the baby”I was
standing now and
stroke her hair trying to
get her calm down.
“I have to talk to the
doctors and find out if
the baby is okay”She
pulled all the wires that
were around her quickly
giving me no chance to
stop her & got up
from the bed