Randhir’s POV
I walked to the other side of the bed so I can stop her but she fell to the ground.
“SANYU”I helpd her up,right then a doctor
walked in and helped
me with her and we laid
her down on the bed.
“What did she try to
do?”The doctor asked
installing the wires
again as I hold her back.
“We want to know
about the baby,is the
baby okay?”The doctor
made a face which
caused her to cry.
“D-Did the baby die?”
She asked trying to hold
back her tears and
squeezing my hands
tightly.The doctor
looked through some
papers then lookd at us
“The baby is fine.No
damages or anything.
But Sanyukta you need to rest and take some tablets because you will feel a lot of pain from the fall and may forget about something”Sanyuand I looked at each other and smiled then I hugged her tightly.
“What do you mean she
may forget about some
things?”I asked sitting
on the bed next to her.
“Nothing serious if she
takes the medication,
she can leave this
afternoon after we
make some analysis”
We nodded and I gave
her the glass of water
she was stretching to
“Do you know what the
baby is?A girl or a boy”
Sanyu asked placing the
glass on the side table
once she drank the
“We don’t know but we
can find out if you
want”I lookd at her and
saw her made a thinking face and to be
honest I really din’t
want to know what
the baby was.I wantd to be surprised even though I knew it’d be a little boy
“I think,we can wait”I
smiled and the doctor
walked out and just
then Sanyu’s mom and
bro walked in.
“Oh my god Sanyu,you’re
awake!”Her mother
hugged her and kissed
her multiple times.
“Thanks for staying
here with her”Jignesh
told me shaking my
hand and smiling at Sanyu.
“She’s my girlfriend,I
had too”He laughed and
nodded then kissed Sanyu & handed her a
chocolate bar.
“Your favorite &
Randhir,you can go home & take a shower we will stay with her”I
nodded and kissed Sanyu & waved them
I walked out the hospital & before
driving home I walked
down the road to the
coffeeshop to get a
coffee.I was walking
calmly when I realize 6
guys were walking
behind of me,I looked
back and walked faster.
I turned an unknown
corner and the 6 guys
and 2 others stopped
me through a dark alley.
“Randhir,Long time we
don’t see each other”I
turned around and recognized the voice.
“ALEX! What the hell do
you want”I asked the
leader of the gang.
Alex is the leader of
the gang,I was involved
in because I’s a
jackass.Karan and I
tried to play that we
were gangsters & got
involved in a gang that’s why I was/am the bad boy of the college.
“I want my money back & I want you to tell Karan to fuck my ex
real good if he doesn’t
want to get beat up like how you’ll end up now”
I looked around and
tried to get an escape
route.Alex and the
gang weren’t really nice
people & I owed them
money but noway was I paying this loser’s
money.I refused.
“I thought we talked
about this,I thought I
told you after you help
me with my favor I’ll
pay you but okay you
asked for it”I punched
him and he fell to the
ground that’s when I
tried to ran away which
I failed since one of
boys pulled me back.
I punched the guy and
kicked the one that
was behind of me on
the balls.I thought
carefully about how was I getting away from 8 strong bad guys then I began to panic.Alex got up and punched me in the face then two of the boys hold me from behind & Alex and the rest beat me up like I was a boxing bag,I tried to kick them but no use. Soon I was on the ground not feeling
my body.
“I would like you to pay
up or sexy Sanyukta and the baby will have to pay me”Alex said
then spit on me &
left.I tried to get my
phone from my pocket
but the pain was too
much for me to even
breathe that’s when
my phone rang & I
had to answer.I went
in my pocket & got it
out and press the green
“Tanya,you have to help me.I-I’m near the
coffee shop in a dark
alley”I hit my head hard
on the ground when
Tanya hung up and tried to get up but that
caused me too much pain so I just prayed to god Tanya had heard me.
After about 15 minutes
of lying on the floor like
the vegetable,I felt like
right then,I heard
someone called my
name that’s when I got
the strength to answer.
“Rd,oh my freaking
god.What happened?”
She helped me up hurting every spot of my body,even my conscious was
in pain right now.
“I’ll explain later.My car
is parked at the hospital parking lot”She nodded then dropped me to the ground and ran away.
“Stupid whore”I
muttered groaning from the pain.Why the hell did she do that?
“I’m sorry for letting
you go”Tanya said
walking out of my car,
helping me up again and
walking me to the car.
She buckled me up and
drove away.
“This is not my way
home & I’m not going
to have ‘sex’ with you in this condition”
She rolled her eyes and stopped at a drug store…