Randhir’s Pov
she got out the car and walked to the passenger seat
where I’s sitting &
pecked my lips
“Don’t be a dick”She
walked in the Drugstore
& minutes later came
back with a bag.She
drove off & drove to
my house.She helped
me out & we walked
in the house;no one
was there only the
6 other people lived there & not one was
there.What the hell was
“Oh my,Randhir what
happened?”One of the
maids asked and helpd
Tanya carry me upstairs.
“A little accident,
nothing to worry about”
I sat on a chair & the
maid that help me out
walkd out my room then came back with a first aid kit.
“I’ll help him,thanks
anyway”Tanya told the
maid & she nodded & walked out.I saw
as Tanya took the things,she bought from the plastic bag & poured
the liquid she bought,on
the cotton balls & sat
on top of me.
“What are you doing?”I
asked as she tried to
take off my shirt and I
willingly liftd my hands
“I’m going to treat your
cuts,dumb ass”She
threw my shirt across
the room which landed
on a picture of Sanyu and me in Hawaii.
“And do you have to be
on top of me?”I asked.
“Oh I’m sorry Rd,you want me to sit across the room & heal your cuts?”She asked sarcastically &
rolled her eyes.
“So tell me what happened?”
“Nothing important,AHHH!TANYAA what are
you trying to do?finish
the job they started?”I
asked pushing her hand
from my face from the
pain I’m feeling.
“I’m sorry & stop
screaming like a virgin
girl”She wiped the
cotton on my face
where I had bruises
while I try not to throw
her across the room.
“So are you going to tell
me what happened?”
She stopped running the cotton around my body and took another one then looked at me,waiting for an answer.
“Nothing & thanks for
helping me,I never
thought you would do
it”She wiped the cuts
from my chest &
touched me softly.
“Randhir,I’ve never told
you this,but I really like
you,I think I even love
you”I opened my eyes
wide not knowing If I
should laugh of what
she said or cry from the
pain I’s going through.
“Tanya,let’s be real here,I know you only like the ‘dick’ ”
She glared at me then wiped the cuts hard
& rough.
“Do you want me to
finish the job they
started?”I shook my
head no then she
slapped me playfully.
“I’m not kidding Rd,I really like you & I want you to give me a chance.Are you up for
it?”She looked at me
& I just looked at her,
she leaned in then
kissed me.
I tried to pull her back but since I’s weaker than a 2 year old right then she continued to kiss me & that’s when I heard someone clearing their throat.
“What the fuck is this?”
I pushed Tanya away
when I heard Sanyu’s
voice.I looked at her
& suddenly I felt more pain
“Sanyu I can explain”
I said & walked
up to her,hopping on
one foot but I walked
to the closet.
“Its okay Randhir,I just
came to look for my
clothes.I’m moving
with my mom”She took
her suitcase & placed it
on the bed & looked
for her clothes.
“What!Why?Just please listen,Tanya was
the one that kissed
me”I walked up to
her & unpacked the
clothes She packed.
“Oh really?And you
expect me to believe
that.I come from the
hospital & the first
thing I see is my
boyfriend kissing that
thing”She packed the
clothes I unpacked
& pushed me out of her
“Excuse me?”Tanya asked.
“Get the fuck out!”I
& Sanyu said at the
same time & she
walked out the room.
“Sanyu,she was the one that kissed me & she got on top of me to
heal my bruises because I got robbed”She looked at me & may be realized
I had bruises all over
then noticed my
pleading face.
“I’m still leaving.This
house is a danger for
me & my mom is
willing to take me back
so I’m leaving and stop
looking at me like that
because nothing you
say or do will stop me”
She shut the suitcase with whatever she had in there & walked out the room with me
following behind.
“Sanyu,you have to believe me baby,I love you.You can’t leave me” She ran downstairs with her suitcase & stopped.
when dad stood in
front of her.
“Are you sure you want
to leave?” She had the
urge to roll her eyes
and She did.
Sanyukta’s Pov
“Yes and I’m walking
home” I must’ve said that,I’s the devil since
they looked at me
weirdly but I just
walked out the door.
“Sanyu,wait!”I stopped
and Randhir stood in
front of me,I now
realize rain was starting to fall.
“Give me another chance,I swear that
Tanya kissed me and I
couldn’t do anything
because I was weak”I
tapped my foot impatiently and looked at the time realizing it was 7 pm.
“Are you done?Yes!
Good”I started to run
with my suitcase until I
was on the street;I
walked down the road
where I know I can get
home in a year maybe.
At this point rain was
pouring down hard and I
heard when someone
was running behind of
“I’m not letting you go,
you have to come back.
What if you get sick?
And the doctor said you
need to rest”Randhir
took my suitcase and
stood in front of me..