“AYESHAA!Where the hell is she now ?” Mrs. Shah screamed at the top of her voice.
And it seemed,every one present around her,suddenly felt those similar chills going down their spines,like they’d have felt,if watching any hollywood horror movie.
Every second person was now in some kind of haste;may be they’re all searching for this ‘Ayesha’ girl or may be they’re all running for their lives.
Everyone was well aware of Mrs. Subhasini Shah-head nurse of ‘R.K.P. Hospital’.
She was sharp,sarcastic,short-tempered,and basically not pleasant to be around at all.A smallest thing could set her off and she often over-react to life’s small frustrations.
While Ayesha Nayak[ yes the girl who’s at her target today! ] was a simple,fun-loving girl who’s famous for her extra-ordinary care towards the patients;especially for the one who’d been living there since years.
An old-aged man,who had no one as his family or maybe because of his mental and physical disability,all what he’d in his mind already got washed away years back.
No one knew the reason behind his this long span stay at hospital and if he’d no family then who was paying all his bills and medication fees ?
Same question rose and fell,many people raised questions but everytime Ayesha shut them down.
Her relation with that old man was unknown and unsung to the world.
“Ma’am,she is with the patient number 20 in room number 5” A compounder finally decided to speak up.
“Today I’ll make sure that her resignation letter reach my table!”Mrs. Shah murmured in fuming anger and made her way to room number-5.
When she was at the pathway,near to the room,she could clearly hear Ayesha’s voice and maybe Ayesha could hear the devil’s foot-steps approaching her.
“Ayesha,fasttt…run for your life.Mrs. Shah is coming here for you girl” Tanya said in a hurried tone and shook Ayesha’s shoulder violently.
“What the hell Tanu! Can’t you keep quiet? See how peacefully is he sleeping after ages,and I don’t want him to wake up alright?”Ayesha whisper-shouted at her irritated and stood from her usual place-a pale yellow-coloured stool that was placed on the left side of that old man’s bed.
It was Ayesha’s daily routine to visit this old man and stay with him until when he feel relaxed and doze off.
“Okay okay but now run!”Tanya imitated Ayesha’s tone and pushed her towards the back door.
But,alas,Mrs. Shah with her red face had already entered the room.
“Miss Ayesha Nayak! To my Office! NOWW!” She screamed with her voice full of anger and noise.
“Ye-Yes Ma’am,Right after you!” Ayesha said with a fearful expression and Tanya gave her a ‘Sorry’ look.
“How many times should I repeat that you’re not appointed for that old man,lying there,counting his last breaths?” Mrs. Shah looked furiously at Ayesha.
“Ma’am,I am sorry If It has offended you but I don’t want him to stay alone in his last moments of life.” She said in a soft tone,though she knew It wouldn’t affect Mrs. Shah anyhow!
“So ? There are many people to look after him,why do you want to stay with him ? What is your relation with him ? When you had joined this hospital,we’re told that your mom dad have already left you,then? I need an explanation now ?” Mrs. Shah asked and looked directly into her eyes,seeking for a lie,but failed probably.
“You want to know who he is ? You want to know about my relation with him ? Then listen,that ‘old-man’ who’s near to his death is my father! You got that? He’d left me and mother when I was like 14 years old. After my grand-father’s death something always troubled his mind and as a result of that he’s became a restless soul and one day he left us” She said while crying.
Mrs. Shah looked at her wide eyed for a second then normalized her vision.
“I am sorry Ayesha,now stop crying and go to room number 21,a lady there needs you!”She said,resuming her strict behaviour again.
“Uh Ma’am Its his medicine’s time,Can I go there first?” Ayesha asked in a low tone.
“Yeah okay!”
“Where were you nurse? Don’t you know,its my medicine time.My daughter and wife will be coming here any second.” Old man said in a little anger.
” I am sorry sir,Here take these and before they arrive,take some rest! ” She said to him in a sad tone,for she knew his end had already knocking.
“Then how will I-” She cut him off and hushed ” Sssh! Sleep now !” He closed his eyes and then drifted towards a new world-a world that’d never end with her hand in his end.
A silent tear escaped down her eye and made her realize the reality.
“I love you Dad!” With those words,she bade him a good-bye.