Sanyukta’s Pov
“Randhir! I don’t care
about anything I just
want to go home.I’m
tired of Tanya and you,
Shanaya and Parth. Kaustuki and Jignesh and just everything” I walked away but Randhir hold
my arm,spinned me around and kissed me.
I never felt a kiss like
this one before.I felt
the love and the passion. It felt real and
even though it was
pouring I didn’t care I
just wanted to kiss him
and never let go.
“I don’t want you to
get sick, let’s go”he
pulled me so we can go
to his house but I pulled
him back.
“I still want to go to my house at least for
tonight,come with
me?”He smiled and
“I’ll go get the car” I
saw him run to the
house and minutes later came back with the car,we got in and he drove off.
We arrived at my house
and ran to my room.We
took a shower then
just laid down on my
“So someone tried to
rob you?”I asked not
convinced about what
he told me before.
“Yeah” He answered
simply. I looked at him and felt like he was lying.
“Randhir tell me what
happened for real” He
got up and took a
picture I had at my bed
side table.
“This is your dad?He
looks like Jiggy and a bit
like you”I took the
picture from him and
put it back where it
“Randhir! Tell me, now”
He sat up on the bed and I did the same then he looked at me .
“You’re my girlfriend
and the mother of my
baby,I can trust you.
Like you know Karan
and I are considered as
bad boys not because
we are disrespectful
but because we are
involved in gangs”
I opened my eyes wide
and he nodded.
“Do your parents know
or any of your siblings?”
He shook his head no
and faced me and hold
my hands.
“Don’t worry about me,
I’ll be okay but please
don’t stay here you
have to come back they
might try to find you
and hurt you and the
baby and I’m not letting
that happen”:’)
I hugged him tight afraid of letting
go.I mean what if they
try to kill me or even kill
“Why did they beat you
up?” I asked letting go
of the hug.
“They want money
from me but I’m not
giving them money,
they can’t tell me what
to do”
Was this guy
He wanted them
to kill us just because
he had too much pride.
“Are you serious
Randhir? Give them
what they want!” He
kissed my baby bump
and smiled at me.
“Randhir you’re a
millionaire,stop being
such a dick and give
them what they want”
“No Sanyu,I’m not the
kind of person that
does what others
want, I do what I want
when I want”[]
I hit him playfully and got up from my bed.
“You ask god that if I
wake up you’ll be a
good boy.You can’t just
promise something
then break the
He got up and
opened his mouth wide.
“You heard that?I
thought you were
“You thought wrong”I
smiled and he pulled me
“If you get Jignesh to say ‘I AM A GAY’,I’ll think about giving them the money”
I pushed him
away from me and
laughed at him.
“You know Bhai will
never say that”I said
still laughing he smiled
and opened the door.
“Take it or leave it”
I rolled my eyes and
randhir and I walked to my brother’s room.
“Hey Brother”I sat on his bed and Randhir stood at the door.
My brother looked at us weirdly then stopped texting.
“Hey baby sister and
Randhir.What are you
guys doing here?” He
asked and I looked at
Randhir who was
“Nothing just hanging,
Why isn’t Kaustu here?”
I asked and he looked at his phone and
apparently text again.
“She was suppose to
come but the rain ruined everything now tell me what are you two doing here?”
I looked for a pen
and paper and wrote
“Jignesh I think you
should have broken up
with my sister after
her birthday, you know
so you could have at
least enjoyed the
birthday sex” :p
I chuckled and handed my brother the paper. :3
“If you read this
without ‘reading it on
your own’, I’ll go for
Kaustuki right now and
dare her to give you a
lap dance naked” :p 3:)
I smiled and saw
Randhir smirked :p
“Alright!” He took the
paper and I smiled
“I AM A GAY AND I- wait! What the hell Sanyu” :p
Randhir bursted out
laughing and I ran
behind of Randhir before Bhai could strangle me. :p 😀
“You better bring Kaustuki here now or I’ll kill you” >.< :p 😀
Randhir and I ran out of
the room laughing and
ran into my room. :p
“That was Epic!”He
said out of breathe
from the run and the
laughter. 😀
“I think you have to do
something” I told him
seriously and he
stopped laughing and
smirked. :3
“I said I’ll think about it
and I already did, no
way am I giving those
losers my money” :/ B|
“I hate you” I threw
myself on the bed and
buried my face on the
pillow, I felt when he
came on the bed and
stroke my hair. :* ♥
“Fine! I’ll give them the
money” I got up quickly
and hugged him ♥ :-*
“Yay!” I said like a little
girl and he kissed me.. 😀 :-* ♥
-T.B.C. ♥