Sanyukta’s Pov
I watched as the sun
began to slowly
brighten up the dull sky.
I had been up for
almost an hour now,
looking at Randhir sleeping and snoring lightly every now and then.
The clock
read 7:07 am and I’s
awake so early thanks
to little Randhir not
letting me sleep.
I sighed aloud and leaned back in my chair. Just another ordinary day;nothing to look forward
to.But wait, there was
something to look
forward to! I just
remembered, tonight would be
‘Christmas dinner’.
That’s right it’s
You may be thinking
how can it be December
already and I didn’t
went to college..?
When college opened again, I couldn’t go back to college.I was constantly
hungry and felt lazy so
Randhir would take
notes for both of us
and I’d do my home
Test? That was
the only time I went to
Now it’s Vacation again and I’s loving it. 7 months
pregnant and I can’t
wait to have my baby.
“Baby” I heard Randhir
say and touched the
spot where I normally
sleep, I chuckled since he was probably thinking I
was asleep.
shouted and got up
“Someone miss me” I
walked to the bed and
pecked his lips then he
nodded like a little boy
who was asked if he
wants ice- cream.
“Hey, do you smell
that?” He asked
sniffing; pulling me so I
could sit on the bed.
“No, what is it?” I
asked now sitting on
top of Randhir, praying
to god I’s not so heavy
now that I’s 7 months
“Christmas food” He
said. Ah! Now I began
to smell it.The
decadent aroma of
home made French
toast and eggs.
I got up and Randhir and I rambled down the
stairs, eager to see
what was awaiting us.
Today was going to be
a good day. No thing can
mess up this day.
“No touching the food”
Mrs. Shekhawat hit Randhir’s hand when he was about to take up the French toast. I laughed at
him showing him the
one I got without
getting caught.
“Give me that right
now, Sanyukta Agarwal”I stuck out my tongue
and ran around the
kitchen with Randhir
close behind.
“Stop running in the
kitchen!” Mrs. Shekhawat shouted only wasting her saliva since Randhir and I continued to run around the kitchen until I bumped into Samir.
“Well Good morning Sanyu,I missed you too” He
said when he caught
me then winked at me.
“Sam you have to
protect me from the
‘dark lord of French
toast’ ”I said hugging
him tightly acting as if I
was in real danger
which caused both
Randhir and Sam to
burst out laughing with
Mrs. Shekhawat accompanying
“Ugh! You guys are no
fun” I hold my large 7
months pregnant belly
while sitting on a chair
in the kitchen.
“Of course we are
sweetie, I just freaking
ran a marathon in the
kitchen for you”He
smiled and I rolled my
eyes, narrowing them
to look at Rohan and Brother walking in the kitchen with messy hair.
“Aww did the ladies have fun last night?”Sam
asked in a gay voice
winking at them and
high fiving Randhir.
“Shut up!” Rohan said
walking up to me and
tapping Sam’s butt
with a smile on his face.
“If you want to
conserve your balls
never do that again”
Sam said seriously
hitting the back of
Rohan’s head but Rohan hit him back.
“Stop fighting in the
kitchen or no food
tonight” Mr. Shekhawat said walking in the kitchen stopping Rohan and Sam from getting into a real fight.
For the past months a
lot of things have been
happening.Not things
like the crazy ones that
happened in summer
vacation but everything
was back to normal. Bhai and Kaustu were like inseparable. Parth and Shanaya are hopeless romantics and the sweetest part is that Rohan and Ayan were dating.Weren’t they cute?
And no they didn’t get beat up before that could happen.Ayan’s parents took it quite well but Shana and Sam were freaking out.They told Ayan so many mean things but after all everything was cool.
Since all of that happened Sam and Rohan fought in every occasion possible,they can’t tolerate each other.One
surprising thing that
happened was that Ayan and Shana finally treat each other like twins and Randhir and his parents treat each
other like real family.
Not to brag or anything
but I think I came in
this family to change
everything for the
better even though
Shana & I weren’t
friends,I still forgave
her about tripping me
because I’s sure as hell
she tripped me.
“Good morning Boys and
Girls”Kunal walked in
smiling widely with
Shana next to him.
“Good morning big man
that wears Santa Claus
Pajamas on Christmas
morning”I said making
him blush and making
him run out of the
“Please guys,tonight is
Christmas dinner and if
you guys don’t leave
the kitchen I don’t think
the maids can cook”
Mrs. Shekhawat said as she walked out the kitchen to the dinning room with plates.
“That’s right kids so
let’s go eat breakfast
then we can all go snowboarding”Uncle said & we all shouted
happily walking to the
dinning room taking our
places as usual.. ♥