Sanyukta’s Pov
“So you’re inviting your
mom tonight, right
Sanyu?”I nodded at Mr.
Shekhawat as I ate the
French toast.
“I’m happy that you two are getting along” He smiled then there was an awkward silence between all of us.
“Kids I was thinking
that maybe we can all
cook dinner for tonight,
you know since its
They all shouted ‘no’ and walked
out the dinning room
leaving Mrs. Shekhawat with her mouth open.
“Aww don’t worry
Auntie;I can stay if
you want me too” Her
face lit up immediately
and I smiled.
“Really?” She asked
“Nah! Snow boarding is
better”I walked away
then felt sad since she
really wanted us and
me to stay but If we
had maids why didn’t
we just have fun
before eating.
We all drove to the
mountainous part of
Florida which took us
2 hours to drive there.
We were all there
except for Kunal who
was forced by his mom
to stay and Kaustu and
Parth weren’t invited.
HAHA! No, we were not
mean we just wanted to have a ‘family time’ … Rohan included.
“Sweetie you should
have stayed home with
Kunal and Mom” I
glared at Randhir while
shaking like a leaf being
moved by the breeze.
“You see you are dying
of coldness and you
can’t snowboard with
“Why the hell not?” I
asked shaking even
more now that I’s
wearing a jacket.
“Because you are
pregnant, now you stay
here in the car with
Shanaya” I rolled my eyes then I heard the car door shut.
“See you laterz
Randhir opened his mouth wide looking as Shanaya followed the rest.
“Ugh just stay here”
Randhir followed the
rest and I sighed heavily not believing I had to stay here while they had fun.I stood there watching as they had fun for at least 2 hours now while I’s freezing my tits right.Not one of
them stayed with me
or even check up on me.
“No way I’m staying
here while they have
fun”I looked in the car for a snow board and
without thinking I went
down the mountain
passing them straight.
“What the hell Sanyu!” I
heard Rohan shout then I heard the rest shouting things like “get off right now”.
I continued to snow
board while they shouted at me, I even thought about making some flips but I’s not crazy I knew that can harm the baby and I wouldn’t forgive myself if any thing’d happen to the baby because I’s a
dumb ass.
I was going down where they were
but I was going fast
and I saw it hard for
me to stop.
I saw Mr.
Shekhawat extended his hand so he can stop me.I was about to bump into him when he caught me but I sprained my ankle.
“AHH!” I shouted falling
to the snow holding my
ankle.The boys ran up
to me and kneeled
down checking my ankle.
“I’m not even going to
ask you if you are
alright, this is all your
fault and I think I’m
happy it happened”
Randhir said not caring a
bit of how I was.
I rolled my eyes and
winced when Ayan
checked my ankle.
“We have to go now,
we can’t stay if Sanyu
isn’t well” Mr. Shekhawat said and Shanaya growled
giving me a dirty look.
“Way to go Sanyukta” Shanaya said now glaring at me.
Sam lifted me up and we all got into the car.
After two more hours
of driving we were back
home and the house
looked beautiful all
decorated and the smell
of food taking over the
During the entire ride,
Randhir and I didn’t even look at each other. If he wanted to act like a dick I’d act like a bitch, like I even needed to talk to him.
I laid down on the
couch and watched ‘home alone’ while everyone else helped around the house or did their own thing.My ankle wasn’t that bad so I didn’t wrap anything around it.
After 4 hours of
watching ‘home alone
marathon’,It was now
4pm.I walked up to my
room and took a
shower then talked on
the phone with Parth
“So because you’re a
stubborn bitch, you
sprained your ankle”
I rolled my eyes at Parth knowing he wasn’t going to see but for my own satisfaction. :3
“I wasn’t going to stay
there watching as they
had fun while I look at
them” I rubbed my belly
with my left hand while
I hold my phone with
my right hand. :3
“You see Karma is a
bitch, If you would’ve
accepted staying with
Auntie you wouldn’t
be hurt” :/
I hung up without saying anything annoyed of hearing Parth just correcting me. :/
I took a shower with
warm water then got
ready for dinner tonight.
Randhir walked in the
room and we still didn’t
talk. :3
Then Randhir and I got
called downstairs.
“Why did you hang up
on me?” Parth asked
when he saw me. :3
“Because you talk too
much” I stuck out my
tongue at him then hugged my mom and greeted the rest. 🙂
It was time for us to
eat so there was a
bigger table where we
could all sit.We were all
there. Mr. and Mrs.
Shekhawat of course, my mom and Brother, Kaustuki,Parth and Rohan.Shanaya,
Randhir and Me and of
course Karan and Tanya. ♥
Apparently Karan’s dad
didn’t care if he stayed
here and Tanya wanted
to be here. 🙂
-T.B.C ♥