Sanyukta’s Pov
“Before we begin I
want to say something,I’m happy to have so many people here normally its just the kids,Molly and I and
sometimes Karan and
his dad or Tanya and her parents but now its
quite full” Mr. Shekhawat started with a welcoming smile and we all smiled.
“I want to say thanks for coming and thanks to Sanyu my house looks wonderful,if it weren’t for her,Jignesh, Parth,Kaustuki,Rohan and even her mother wouldn’t be here”I smiled widely and proudly.
“What my husband is
trying to say is that we
are grateful that Sanyu
came into our life since
she came,everything
has changed for the
best.Sanyu you’re a
wonderful person and
both my husband and I
love you,thanks for
being a part of us and
thanks all of you for
joining us”At this point
everyone was smiling
looking at me and Mrs.
Shekhawat as she talked.
“Actually I’m happy
that my son screwed
up and got you
pregnant since then
everything is
wonderful”Mr. Shekhawat said and we all laugh.
“So before we sit down
and eat,let’s pray”We
all nodded but I stopped
“I have something to
say.Thanks Mr. and
Mrs. Shekhawat for having me here.At first I thought it would have
been a disaster and it
was until things started to change. Thanks for supporting me and accepting me as one of the family and thanks to my mom for making the hard decision of letting me go,I know I
thought she did it to
get rid of me but now
I’m understanding,it
was for the best and
I’m grateful for that”A
tear slipped down my
cheek as I talked &
remember the first day
I came here,all of them
lined up waiting for me
to walk in.
“Thanks for tolerating
me & all the things you guys did for me,I love every single one of you because all of you helped me grow up &
thanks mom,I love
you”I looked over at my
mom & she was
crying so was Mrs.
Shekhawat & I saw Randhir about to tear up.
“Yeah nice moment I’m
about to tear up but
can we eat now”Shana
said bored & we all
laughed but Aunty gave
her a dirty look.
“Let’s pray first”We
nodded & Mr. Shekhawat began “Thank you god
for waking us up this
are kind & almighty.
Thank you because
thanks to you we are
here & we are about
to eat.Bless us & the
food & let us have a
merry Christmas,thanks for everything an-”
“Everyone shut the hell
up & Get down”A
rough voice said pointing to us with a gun.I looked around & saw about 8 men with guns & mask.
“AHHHHHH!”Tanyashouted like the stupid
bimbo she was.
“On the fucking floor”
The men said &
forced some of us.I
was still standing & in
“What the hell is this?”
Randhir asked & one
of the robbers took off
his mask.
“Remember me Randhir?Thanks for paying us back”And with that the same man that said that,holded me & pointed the gun at my head.
“SANYU!”My mom shouted but one of the men hit her with the gun causing her to fall on the floor unconscious & that’s when Bhai reacted & a terrible fight began between everyone.
“Please don’t hurt Sanyu,I’ll pay you back” Randhir said & I cried holding my belly & trying to get away from the
man’s grip.
“Too late Randhir now
your girlfriend and
your baby are going to
pay”The man tried to
carry me away &
Randhir tried to fight
him but one of the men
hold him back.
“Randhir!NOO!Let me
go.Please Randhir help
me”The man opened
the door & pushed me
out the house not
holding me anymore.I
tried to run away but
he pointed the gun to me.
“Get in the fucking car
or you and the baby die
or even better I fucking
kill Randhir”He shoot in
the air then everything
went blank.
I woke up sitting on a
chair with my hands
behind my back &
tape over my mouth.I
look around & saw a
staircase a distance in
front of me & windows all over the place.The color of the place was grey & black but it looked like the house got burned.
“Look who’s awake,
how did you sleep
princess”A guy around
my age said trying to
force a sweet voice &
walking up to me.
“Don’t rape her or rape
her whatever,I just
want to get my hands
on her gay friend”A boy
around Kunal’s age
said walking up to us
with a chair.He placed
the chair next to me
& sit down.
“I’m not allowed to
rape her…Yet”He
touched me delicately
& I moved my head from disgust.
“So our million dollars is
million dollars is awake”
Another guy around my
age shouted & the
guy I learned his name
was Alex came
rushing by us.
“Good morning beautiful.I know this isn’t a 5 star hotel or any hotel but it’s what we got if you want anything else just ask okay”He smiled also trying to talk sweetly then all of them laughed.
“Are you hungry?”He asked & I just stared at him.
“Talk to me bitch”He slapped me & a tear streamed down my face.
Never in my life had
anyone slapped me &
damn it hurted.
“I hope you aren’t hungry because you are
going to starve,Bitch”