Sanyukta’s Pov
“Take the tape off her
mouth, I want her to
answer some questions now that I decided I’m going to pimp her”
Alex ordered and the
boy that called me a
‘million dollar’ took off
the tape then moved
his long blonde hair from his face.
“Wha-What are you
going to do to me?”I
asked with tears
streaming down my
face non stop.
“I told you I’m going to
pimp you,listen next
time whore.”He slapped
my right cheek this
time and my face
turned the other way
from how hard he hit
me. He ordered the guy
that was sitting next
to me to get up then he
took the chair and place
it in front of me then he sit down
“Now, since
you’ll be here for a while you should know us.The one that gave me the chair is Jordan my little brother, that one with brown hair is Sam,my best friend and the one with blonde hair is Fred an-”
“Alex your dad said to
call Randhir so he can
get us the money as
soon as possible”Two
boys walked down the
stairs and one of them
handed Alex the phone.
“There’s an older man
here? HELP! I’m
pregnant for god’s
sake,Help me!” I
shouted hoping the
older guy could hear me
and be a good man able
to help me.
“Please shut her up
before I have to shoot
her, you guys know
how much I hate loud
Fred taped my
mouth with tape and I
moved my head so he
don’t tape my mouth
then he eyed Sam and
Jordan and they told me
Randhir’s POV
I walked up and down
still waiting for the god
damn call from Alex.
None of us had slept
the whole night just
waiting for the call.
Alex told me he would
call me and if I call the
police he’d kill Sanyu and I of course didn’t want
him to do it and I knew
for sure he would do it.
“Randhir I don’t even
care anymore if he
doesn’t want us to call
the police,we have to
call” Jignesh said
comforting his mother
who was now sobbing
on his chest.
“You want him to kill
Sanyu ? That’s what you want! He would do it without thinking twice”
I said and looked once
more at my phone
checking if Alex called.
“Yeah just trust the
gangster. Gangsters
knows best” my mom
said pissed off and I
rolled my eyes tired of
her telling me bullshit.
“Not now mom” I said
then I heard my phone
“Everyone shut up,Alex is calling” I picked
up the phone and
everyone surrounded
“Good morning Randhir,
How is everything?
Good? How’s the
family? Enjoying the
day. That’s great”
I had the urge to punch the shit out of him and god if he was right in front of me I’d kill him.
“Don’t fuck me up
Alex, Where is Sanyu ? I
said my voice higher
than I intended it to be.
“Calm down Randhir,She’s alright. Making out
with Sam right now”
“Tell Sam to get his
hands off Sanyu or I’ll fuck him up!” I shouted and I saw Jignesh hit the wall.
“Whatever! Anyways I
need my money and I
need it now. When can
you give me my One
million dollars” I cleared
my throat from the
amount of money he
“What the fuck Alex?
You think I have a bank?
how the hell you want
me to get that money?”
I saw my dad sigh
probably thinking he had
to pay that amount of
“I don’t give a flying
fuck how you get it. You can steal, rob a bank or even threaten the president. I don’t care”
“But the deal was a
thousand dollars”I
heard him shoot and
everyone around me
“Listen to me Randhir.A
million dollars or your
beautiful Sanyukta dies.
Understood?”I looked at my dad and he nodded then I sighed.
“Fine! How do I get it to
you?” I asked and I
heard someone chuckle
in the background.
“Since we are not
stupid, we changed the
place from where we
usually stay so you’ll
bring it to us at
Gingerland *Made up
name* in the only
abandoned burnt house
that’s there and you
must come with Karan
and Randhir I swear if
you come with anyone
else I’ll kill her”
Kaustuki who was sitting next to me wrote the address.
“I want to talk to Sanyu and make sure she’s alright” He chuckled then he ordered someone to take the tape off her mouth.
“SANYU!” I shouted when I
heard her crying.
“Randhir please don’t
come he said he’ll be my pim-”The only thing I heard her say since I
figured someone took
away the phone.
“Put the tape on again”
I heard Alex ordered
and a tear fell down my
cheek knowing that this was my entire fault.
“Remember Randhir, you
come with Karan and
Karan only” He hanged
up then everyone
bombarded me with
“Can you guys just let
me breathe for a sec?”
I asked frustrated then
wiped the tears that
were streaming down.
“I have to go alone or
with Karan or he will kill