Randhir’s Pov
“The fuck? No way am
I going with you, he’ll kill
me” Karan said
seriously and I saw
everyone glared at him.
“I don’t give a shit
what he does to you,
whatever he does to
you, you deserve it and
if you don’t go,he’ll kill
Sanyu”I said now right in front of him.
“Well will more reasons
I’m not going,If he can
kill Sanyu for no reason
imagine,what he’ll do to
me” Karan said with a
worried look on his face
and guess what? I
didn’t blame him.
“Karan doesn’t have to
go, I volunteer”Jignesh
said and Samir tap his
“I’m with you” I took
the address from
Kaustuki and looked at it.
“You can’t go or he will
kill Sanyu. Is that so hard to understand?” I asked and sat down on the couch.
“I have a plan” I heard
my dad say and we all
looked at him eagerly.
“What is it?” Parth
asked and we gathered
around him and my
mom sat up since she
was leaning on my
father’s chest.
“My dad was a police
officer and I remember
this one important case
they had where this girl
got kidnapped. I
remember everything
they did to save her and
everything went well,
there’s no reason for
this one to not work”
We nodded and some of
us looked at him amused
then my dad told us
what we had to do.
“Let’s get ready for
this” We all nodded and
I went upstairs and
changed my clothes
then 30 minutes later
we were downstairs
and the police officers
were here.
“Mom! Why can’t I go?”
Kunal said almost on
his knees begging my
mom to let him go.
“it’s too dangerous
Kunal and you’re only
18” My mom said
walking around in the
“I made 19 a week ago,
Mom! Please let me go”
I chuckled enjoying this
moment a lot since at
that age, I couldn’t do
anything either.
“We need him Molly,
Let him go” My dad said
and my mom sighed but agreed after all. “Let’s go tell the officers our
My dad told me and I nodded. Kunal
had a smile from ears
to ears which made me
“Since when you people
give us order of how to
rescue a girl?” One of
the officers asked.
“Since we know the
people behind all of this
more than you guys
know them” I said
rudely and he gave me a deadly look.
“Back to business.
Randhir will go to this
place with a briefcase
full of stones instead of money. Samir,Jignesh,Parth and Kunal will
wait for them from a
far with microphones-”
“Hold up! What about
Ayan and I?” Rohan
asked sounding highly
“What can two gay
guys possibly do?” Samir asked and I chuckled.
“We can kick the shit
out of you” Rohan said
walking up to Samir but
Ayan stopped him.
“Fine! All the boys will
wait for Randhir at a far distance. He will
enter and once he’s in
he’ll let them know,
That’s when the boys
will go in quietly and
some way or another
knock out the people
around there then the
police will come and
arrest them when any
of the guys find Sanyu and put her in a safe place”
My dad explained
everything to the police
“And please don’t go
blowing the fucking
sirens because one-
1> They are annoying as fuck and two,
2> The gang will
know the police is
So,it’s stupid to
have the sirens on
when dealing with an
important case” I said
and my dad eyed me
telling me with his eyes
to shut up.[ Okay I was laughing here a lot]
“Excuse me young man? I can arrest you for that” I rolled my eyes but then they agreed to put off the sirens. They
handed us a gun each
except for Kunal.
“What about my gun?”
He asked confident
since my mom or my
dad weren’t there.
“How old are you young
man?” One of the police
officers asked and he
stood tall.
“I’m 19, I’ll be 20 next
week” He said and the
police man handed him a gun but I took it.
“Nice try Kunal. He’s
18 sir” I said and
Kunal glared at me
then pushed me as I
“Let’s go everyone”
The police in charge of
everything said and I
got ready to go.
“Aren’t you coming
dad?” I asked and he
shook his head no.
“I’ll stay here with the
ladies” I nodded then
looked around for
“Have you seen
Karan?” I asked my
“Long time he’s in the
bathroom” I went to
the bathroom and
knocked on the door as
hard as I could.
“Get the hell out Punk” I
shouted banging on the
door every time harder.
“Karan don’t let me
open the door because
I’ll beat up the punk out
of you” He opened the
door and smiled at me
“Don’t you trust me Karan? I’ll
protect you with my
life,man” He smiled
then I handed him the
gun and off we all
Oh god please be with
Sanyukta’s POV
I looked as everyone
moved around doing
their own thing,I still
had tape on my mouth
and my hands were
behind me. All the time
I’ve been here I swore
I’ve seen at least 20
guys walking up and
down with guns and
they’re all around 18-22
years old. I looked behind of me and prayed to god that some way or another lighting would stroke the two handsome guardians behind of me.
Wait! Did I say sexy? Fuck my brain.