Sanyukta’s Pov
“I bought you a
sandwich so you don’t
die, you worth a lot”
Alex said placing the
plate with a sandwich
on my lap and taking
the tape off my mouth.
“And what makes you
think I want your
stupid sandwich ?”
I said regretting it right after I finished my sentence.
“Feed her”
Alex told them ignoring my comment and turning around to walk away.
“Why don’t you feed
He smirked and
picked up the sandwich
and I took a bite
“Come closer”
I told him and he
came closer to my face
like he was about to
kiss me,
and that’s when I spat on his face.
“Bitch!” He slapped me
and I literally felt blood
and a tear forcing its
way out.
“Now you aren’t eating any fucking sandwich, Die bitch” He said and
walked away.
My “guardians” tied my
hands again but didn’t
tape my mouth.
Thank god for handsome people.
“You guys like my voice?That’s why you didn’t tape my mouth?” I asked but I heard
someone fell to the
“I actually love your
voice” I heard Rohan say behind of me and tears of joy streamed down my face. :’)
“Rohann!” I shouted as he untied my hands but I cursed myself for
shouting so hard.
“Stop right there” Jordan’s annoying voice made me frown and I looked back and saw when Rohan turned around and
faced Jordan with the
gun right in front of his
face now.
“Well if it isn’t the sexy guy I like,you know I’m gay too and I want to fuck you”
I opened my eyes wide
then realized my hands
were untied already.
“Sorry but I’m taken” I
looked back and saw
when Rohan kicked his
balls and he fell to the
ground and seconds
later Ayan kicked his
balls from behind.
“And that’s for being a
dick and hitting on my
I got up and kicked him feeling happy.
Then Ayan took the
gun and handed it to me.
“You’ll need it” I nodded.
“we can’t go the same
place, Rohan why don’t
you stay here and tie
Jordan’s hands then look for us.Ayan and I will try to get away” Rohan nodded and Ayan and I walked away.
“I’m so happy you’re
okay, because you’re okay right?” Ayan asked and I pulled him into a tight hug and nodded.
After letting go we
continued to walk.
“Where do you think
you guys are going?” I
heard someone say
behind of me and I
turned around and point
my gun at the guy who
was pointing his gun at
“You kill him, I’ll kill you”
I said turning around
pointing the gun firmly
at him with a serious
look on my face.
“And if you kill him, I’ll
have to kill you”
Someone behind of me
said and I turned half
around and noticed Sam
pointing at me.Now the
unknown guy was
pointing at Ayan,I
was pointing at the
unknown guy and Sam
was pointing at me.
Shit, think quick Sanyu.
While I was thinking
Sam shoot up the air
and I covered my ears
and that’s when Sam
hold my hands behind
my back and carried me
to where we were first
and that’s where
everyone was. The bad
guys holding all the good guys. Except for Randhir who was pointing a gun at Alex’s Little brother
“SANYU!” Randhir shouted and Sam threw me
to Alex so now Alex
was holding me with a
gun pointing at my head.
“You let go of my
brother and I give you
back your bitch”
Alex said and I burst into tears as I saw
everyone I loved being
pointed by a gun
because of me and two
guys pointing a gun to
Randhir only.
Alex pulled the hammer and I
cried out loud.
“Let go of him NOW!” I saw Samir kicked the person that was holding him and he
pointed the gun to him,
that’s when everyone
was fighting with each
other then Randhir ran
up to me and Alex
pointed the gun to him
Pulled the trigger??!! 😮 😦 😮
Everyone stopped and seemed like the air at that moment also stopped.
But still my eyes were so busy in crying that I didn’t notice who got killed- Samir or Me ?? 😥
-T.B.C. ♥ 😀