Sanyukta’s Pov
*CLICKK* this sound was killing me from inside,I remembered,how I’d collapsed on the ground when I heard the gun’s sound of maybe Alex’s or maybe Samir’s gun,Oh I didn’t remember.
“Beta what’re you thinking about?”I heard a manly yet familiar voice- a voice I’d longed for hearing again.
My dad’s voice,I turned around and found him looking at me lovingly like the way he used to when he was with I and mother.
I smiled at him and he returned it gracefully.
“Nothing da-” I stopped.
WAIT!How was that possible ? Dad had died when I was 10,how could he return? And what was I doing here at my old house,Was I dead or what?
All of my thoughts got interrupted when I felt a soft hushing sound and heard someone very familiar calling my name.
I opened my eyes while blinking it rapidly and saw randhir.
“Randh-Randhir?Where am I ? And that bullet,who got assasinated by that asshole alex ? Randhir are you all right ? And Samir ? what about other boys and what happened to Alex and his gang? Please tell me,why are you silent,damn it!” I asked in a frequent flow and squeezed his hand annoyingly when I recognized the place where I was at that time.
“Sanyu calm down love,you’ve collapsed there when Jignesh from behind of Alex triggered his gun and hit alex.After you’ve collapsed,cat and dog kinda fights started and ofcourse we won,and that dog alex died while rest of the boys except Jordan are in police’s custody.
Jordan is nowhere to be seen and by the way you’re at home,as we’d brought you here after the fight.Jesus! You’re such a trouble to carry seriously babe.” Randhir chuckled and everyone laughed including Shanaya and thats when I realized that the whole family was around me and me..well like a typical dumb,I didn’t notice them.
Everyone surrounded me once again and the boys gave me a light hug one by one while Kaustu almost killed me during her that bone crushing hug.
Everything seemed okay that time like that ‘ALEX’ chapter was already over but It was rightly said,good things are always followed by bad realities.
Everything was going well,when this day my stomach ached..ahh It was aching like someone was kicking my stomach continuosly.
I thanked to god that due to my constant screamings and kickings,Randhir and the whole mansion had surrounded me with the worry look pasted on their face.
“I think its the time now”Mrs. Shekhawat said hurriedly.
“What time mom?”Randhir asked idiotically.
“IDIOT,Labour time it’s!!Take her to hospital now”Shouted Mrs. Shekhawat and then Randhir carried me to his car,ofcourse in bridal style.
While everyone else jumped into their cars,with Randhir and I was Mrs. Shekhawat,afterall she knew everything about this ‘pain’ thing.
“Sanyu,try to not close your eyes,be with us conscious”Mrs. Shekhawat coed while caressing my hairs.
I nodded and Randhir started the car and pulled it out of the driveway and ran it on the wide main road.
And just when I thought we were near to the hospital,I heard a loud honk and saw a large truck coming our way..!
“Randhirr!WATCHIT!”I screamed.
Randhir hurriedly overtook the truck and turned his head towards me-“Hey everyt-
Before his voice could reach my ears,I saw a black,a familiar car intentionally coming towards us and before I could tell Randhir that familiar car attacked us and before randhir could do something,we found that our car had already been dragged off the valley road,we’re moving onto.
I screamed again and this time I could hear the screams,voices and pained sound of people from behind of me of maybe Kaustuki,Samir,Jignesh,and all the loved ones.
I felt myself drifting towards the dark side of my life-MAYBE DEATH.
Loud voices of sirens could be heard by all and they all were carried to the hospital.
The boy,whose name was Randhir was perfectly okay,he had got minor injuries but was inconscious and the two ladies,their name was-Molly Shekhawat and Sanyukta,had got major injuries.
All their family members rushed behind the doctors and nurses who were running towards the OT.
“You guys have to stop here and please stay calm”Doctor said and hurriedly closed the door of O.T.
They all stood there crying,screaming.Sanyukta’s mother was numb while Shanaya was numb for her mother,for she’d asked her mom to go with Sanyukta,She was changing herself,and had started having a soft corner for Sanyukta,but who knew this change could bring this much devastation.
All they could do was WAIT.