Sanyukta’s Pov
“Good bye Sanyu! I am going now and now you’ll have to take care of the family”A lady whispered in my ears and I opened my eyes with a jerk & den closed them instantly as the lights of the room I was in,was killing them.
I opened them again,slowly this time,First I felt my vision blurry then It got adjusted with the level of white light.
” Where am I ?? ” I tried to scream but my voice came out like a whisper,while my head ache was killing my eyes out.
” Calm down Ms. Agarwal,you’re in hospital! Don’t you remember what has happened to your car? ” A man in white long coat asked me.
Then It hit me,yes! I did remember,how my stomach began to ache and how I,randhir and Mrs. Shekhawat got attacked by that black car-FUCK! THAT..that car was of Jordan,yes I remember now,he..he tried to kill us,he tried to kill my baby.
I touched my hump and got surprised,it was not there!
‘And what about Randhir and Mrs. Shekhawat,are they okay?’ I thought and trembled with the thought of them getting hurt. I couldn’t let them die.
” Doc-doctor..where is my hump and..and where is Randhir and and Mrs. Shekhawat??” I asked doctor terribly scared about their well being.
” Uh well babies are here..Sanyu!” I heard a faint voice,I tilted my head towards the voice and saw randhir standing at the door with two babies,one at left and other at right.
I chuckled and got hyper excited
” Randhi-Randhir are they our babies..oh my god twins!! Let me see them please! ” I said with tears streaming down the eyes.
“Here and yes they’re our babies!” Randhir said in a low tone,which I ignored and sat up to hold my babies.
“Awwh they’re so sweet,oh my my,see randhir two girls,like I told you,awwh,see they’re smiling oh my god randhir why are you standing there,see how cute are they?” I said in an excited voice and looked at randhir and he moved.
But instead of moving towards me,he rushed out of the room,crying which ofcourse shocked me.
Then Again It hit me,who was that lady who whispered to me to take care of the family.
OH MY GOD! Mrs. Shekhawat!!!
Randhir’s Pov
I rushed out of the hospital and sat on the bench which was at the park area of the hospital.
You are thinking why was I crying when my gf had given birth to two little angels,instead of being happy and celebrating.
Well for your knowledge,I’d lost my mother,who had given me birth and due to whom?
Because of that dog Jordan,yes you’re shocked I know,but he killed my mother,and in an attempt of killing us all he himself had lost his balance and a truck hit his car,he too died,good for him.
But My mother left me,I never had a proper talk with her and she,in an attempt of saving us got killed.
I didn’t tell Sanyu about this because she’d already gone through a lot,so we already had done with mother’s funeral.
All were shocked especially dad and Shanaya,but we made them understand that no one could stop god from doing all what he’d decided already. They’re okay now but Sanyukta,well I guess doctors had already told her about mother’s death,and may be She was feeling alone.
I made my way back to her room and during the way,I glanced at the faces of my gloomy family members. I smiled at them weakly and they returned it instantly. Maybe I should act strong infront of them.
When I went inside the room,I saw sanyu drenched with her tears,she looked at me and started
“Rand-Randhir,this all happened because of me. I shouldn’t get pregnant with your baby,I shouldn’t enter your house,see what I did,you lost your mom! Shit! I should die! ” I ran towards her as she tried to pluck off all the wires,which were surrounding her body.
“Sanyu..SANYUKTA!Stop it love” I screamed at the top of my voice that the doctor and nurses looked at me and thanks to god they left the room.
I waited for anyone else to enter the room but no one did,so I watched her getting a bit calm.
” Love you did nothing! Got it? Please,don’t forget that she loved you okay? Please,she died because god wanted her to please don’t blame yourself! ”
I tried to calm her down
and seemed like she did get calmed as she looked tired,I made her sleep on the pillow and she fell asleep.
Sanyukta’s Pov
It had been few weeks when that terrible accident took place and snatched Rd’s mother and a wonderful lady from us.
Few days passed like really gloomy and awkward. Shanaya’s behaviour had changed a lot,she never left her room for days and night until I talked with her and made her understand that it was not her fault that her mother died,it was god’s wish and she should move on.
After few days,she understood it and guess what I and she were now good friends,like really good friends.
And my kids? Well they’re three weeks old now,everyone now played with them maybe to memorise Auntie.
I know,its early,but dad asked us to get married.