“Do you fear anything?”Someone asked.
“Yes,I do fear of everything I’ve around me,surrounding me..
Okay,today I’ll tell a second person about my ‘fear of everything’.
I live in a fear of losing everything I’ve with me..
I live everyday with a fear of losing my close ones all together,as they involve themselves in a cat-dog fight.
I do fear losing that tiny tinge of happiness I get everyday when I wake up and see my mom and brother.
I live with a fear of losing the strands of those hopes,I am carrying with me for my better life,for the betterment of my close one’s lives.
I do fear of losing this single tear I shed every night,while having a sudden flashback of those best memories I’ve had with my loved ones.
I do fear of losing my strength..for staying strong for the circumstances I go through,everyday.
And at last I do fear of losing in this race of right and wrong,while supporting the right of my life.” I said after sighing awkwardly