Day 4-Chapter 5 – Entangled Lives

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Kids normally of her age would probably be doing anything but not this. What she was doing at this tender age, should not be done, not when her busy mother and writer dad were busy arguing over a phone call ,and neglecting their 9 year old’s calling for danger. Risking her own life to save a kitten’s was not something a 9-year-old girl ever thought she would do. But then again, calling her a ‘normal’ kid would be an understatement. She’s much more than, what she seemed like. She too had those two ponytails, right above her two small perfectly shaped ears, her tall tanned body adds beauty to her. The only thing that made her different from other kids of her age was her hyper and full-of-energy attitude. Her thirst of thrilling adventure was not ‘normal’ for a kid, not even for an adult.

And this day too, she was trying to set up an extraordinary attempt of saving a kitten. There she was, climbing up the closest tree, next to an apartment building, doing all these to rescue the same beige kitten, from which she’d got those claw marks from, while counting its nails after she picked it up randomly down the street when she went to for playing.

The kitten seemed very terrified of heights, and it was evident from the horrid look on its face. It was sitting on the uppermost branch of the tree meowing. Roohi, dressed in red blouse and high waisted shorts with the converse sneakers, was trying hard to climb the tree with the crowbar in her back pocket, just in case if there’d be any need for it.

Her intention was to climb the tree, get the kitten, and shimmy back down the tree. She knew kittens were not cooperative when any random stranger would try to grab them, she had the experience before, but that didn’t stop her from making her plan successful. As she climbed the upper branch of the tree, her energy level was dropping and her heart thumped rapidly like it would come out of her small rib cage. Her small yet strong hands moved towards the ‘poor’ kitten, who of course at first tried to attack the girl with its small claws. But her hands didn’t stop, inspite of the pain she felt from those sharp-edged tiny claws of the animal that stretched three long lines down her palm, allowing the warm liquid to ooze out. She grabbed the kitten quickly, not wanting to waste the time, nor the blood that was oozing from her body.

” Kitty, go now! Thank me later, yeah?” She said with a chuckle after letting the kitten go from the grasp of her little hands. She shrugged off all the dust and fur from her clothes.

And that’s when her father noticed her from their house’s window and sprinted out of the door towards her.

” Roohii…what are you doing here baby and what happened to your clothes?” A concerned manly voice attracted her attention and she turned towards the source of the voice, smiling again with the dimples forming on her chubby cheeks.

“Nothing, dad! I was playing with a kitten, but now it left,” she answered smartly to her father, who had missed the adventurous show just by a moment’s time.

” No worries, Sweety, it’ll come back when you are done with your milk,” said her father, showing her the glass of milk that she’d left on the table earlier.

“No daddy, I don’t want to drink that, pweeasee!” The girl said in her baby voice, of course to melt her father’s heart.

” Okay then, don’t drink, but at least come inside, we’ll have some cookies together baby. Don’t say a NO now”  Her father was almost pleading to his daughter, with puppy-dog eyes.

” Okie daddy, as you say,” she said and ran inside the house, closing  the front door behind.

She was none other than the apple of of Mr. Shekhar and Ms. Tara Dutta’s eyes – Roohi, Roohi Dutta.

‘Enjoying the feeling of adventure and danger’ was on the top of the list of her list, which she once made when her school teacher had asked her to prepare.

Many a times, her father and mother were forced to re-think about their daughter’s blood bonding with them. They used to think harder, if she got replaced in the hospital. But, of course that all was foolish enough to even imagine. She was their daughter- their blood. What confused them most likely was how she’d got this much courage and variablity in her genes. Her courage, her weird likings and her hatred towards their suggestion of watching television, her dis-likings made them bite their fingers hard that they were always in an attempt of trying to stop and protect her.

But who could stop a tornado ? Yeah, she was one, she never stops doing extraordinary stuff and soon they surrendered themselves, for they knew now, not every girl in this world could get this talent and courage.Their daughter was ‘something’, they least expected as an outcome.

” What happened to your right palm, come here?” Mr. Dutta asked wondering, what his daughter did this time.

” Nothing, daddy, just an adventure!” She replied with her twinkling eyes & ran away.

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